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Could you set it so that you have to get 30 points on a certain section to wall-post?

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I am well above 30 points on Pokébase, on 30 points on Meta but only 22 on RMT. On RMT, I can't post on somebody's wall at all while in the other sections I can. PM, could you make it so that you have to have 30 points on a certain section (such as Pokébase) so you can post on people's walls in all the other sections?

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There's no need to bolden everything. Js :3
Pokemaster probably meant for that to happen, however this was implemented recently, and, as you can see, it has an early stage bug. xD

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This isn't really a problem.

Just go to another section like Meta or Pokebase and post on someone's wall there. You can quickly reach their profile by changing the "RMT" part of the URL to "Meta" if you'd like.

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Tbh, its still inconvenient and should be dealt with if there is actually going to be a point requirement for it.
How is it inconvenient? I'm sorry, but if you're too lazy to change one word or press a couple buttons then you need to stop being lazy.
Well its certainly not convenient. Having to switch sections of the site just to write something on even your own wall when you can read on any section anyway is ridiculous. I wouldn't be lazy to be frustrated by this.