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Post on your own wall?

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I think maybe we should change the rules to allow yourself to post on your own wall with 0 points+. Not anyone's wall just your own. That way you can post to people on your wall, but can't just spam people, what do you think?

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It's a decent idea - no one would care if to spammed yourself. :P
Someone with the authority do this please do this!
I found it annoying (when starting out) that I couldn't post on my wall.  I thought this was a good solution!
I think this is a good idea
WOW! I can't believe this was received so positively! This is my 1st suggestion XD.  Maybe I will make some more!
It's a decent idea, but i think it would be a waste of Pokemaster's time because if you want to "post to people on your wall" you can just edit your profile and put whatever message you want in there.

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