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Can we use this rule for name changes?

7 votes

No Emoji.

When you use your phone for it, people on windows get blank boxes.

Make your name legible. What the hell is this?: ♠₪₹Ͼαﬨϕ₰₮ﮞӆд₹₪♠

We could just in general keep it to one or two symbols per name, this actually looks good: ƒιzz

asked Jun 3, 2014 by Ninja
My stance:

1) Emoji is bad. I agree.
2) I agree. Maximum 4 symbols I'd say, and I'd count symbols as anything not on a QWERTY keyboard, excluding dots, and letters with accents.
I think a name's legibility doesn't really matter - it's that person's user name, in the end. They could go by a nickname, or at least have one legible character in their name to go by. :P
But if the rule does end up applying then the name just needs to be reasonably legible. Can of Tuna's name is rather hard to read, I agree, but sometimes some symbol-filled names are not as hard to read.

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