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Mar 11 by Mosmero
I can't message you without adding you. :/ And I can't add you because my mum likes to use my facebook a lot, and will notice things.
Mar 11 by Emew
Feb 28 by Emew
I can just link mine because I don't care too much and then just leave or delete it once you've added me
Feb 25 by CluelessPonyta
How do I give it to you without anyone else stumbling across it?
Feb 24 by Emew
Give me your facebook please =D
Feb 23 by CluelessPonyta
I have Facebook, Skype(but I haven't really used it yet, nor do I know how to, and I also don't have a webcam or anything...), Wattpad, and chatango.
Dec 18, 2015 by Emew
Also Facebook, Deviantart, Skype (well not really a site I'm on a ton so close enough) @eppy
Dec 2, 2015 by CluelessPonyta
Sorry I don't have a phone...
Dec 2, 2015 by CluelessPonyta