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I made a C+ on my General Chemistry :( and I am crossing my fingures that I have A- or B+ on my Calculus Test :).
Sep 24 by sheepman1306
That is great and you are doing well in school. I have my frist major test in Calculus I and General Chemistry next week......sigh.... That is part of college life I gusss.
Sep 14 by sheepman1306
So far, it has havw quite be challenging for me. I am trying to get ahead of my school work. I am ahead in Calculus I, There were days I want to cry becasue of new rules in Calculus I. So far it is not that bad. However,  I am trying to get all caught up in Chemisrty.
Sep 14 by sheepman1306
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 8 by Carebears123
Thanks :)
Sep 1 by The Trapinchinator
hi sophiscles!!!!!!!

my first day of school is sept 2nd. I'm going to be a freshman. the second day of school is my birthday. i am literally 2 steps away from my first period class from my locker. all my friends are down the hallway and it isn't much of a hike. I'm a bit nervous going into high school. my parents garenteed me both ORAS games if i pass all of my classes. thats a challenge for math because last year my overall average for math was 65. that is barly passing. i can't wait to see how many times my 3ds is taken throughout the year because if my grades.
Aug 30 by Carebears123
How was your first day of school?
Aug 25 by sheepman1306
Man, you guys start early. Good Luck on your Studies!!!!!!! I am going to get a head start on my school work and get ready on Wednesday Augest, 27.  I was really disapponinted that my MWF classes are cancled and switch TR class ...... Also, I am trying to put hard on myself so I can transfer to my dream school. I did not realize that AM is strict on my academic course work!!!!!! Thanks I need all the luck all I colud get. I hope your teacher is teaching Chemisrty and not a blow off class.
Aug 11 by sheepman1306
ok :P
Aug 10 by The Trapinchinator
I just got a shiny patchirisu from poke radar!!! It has 3 perfect ivs! Defence, sp. attack, and speed! At a chain of 65!
Aug 4 by Carebears123