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Wall for Sophisticles (page 1)

My mom wants me to do something "productive" over break and she wants me to read a book with her. When she found out that I actually liked it she makes fun of me .-. XD. Anyways, how have you been?
Apr 11 by Care :D
because Greninja is Ubers in Smogon XD I thought you'd get the joke!
Apr 10 by Gekogahshier
Sableye reminds me of a gremlin from the movie of the same name.
Apr 10 by Astronautical
Who needs a social life when you can be an Otaku?
Apr 10 by Sempiternus
need new anime? here you go!
full metal alchemist
blue excorsist
death note
one piece
sword art online
the devil is a part timer
black butler
deadman wonderland
arpeggio of blue steel
Apr 9 by mailjiggly
YESS  I IS EVOLVED!! LOL YAAAY I will be banned from the chat when I evolve again...
Apr 9 by Gekogahshier
I'm Christian too
Apr 9 by Blaze252935
"Primeape4President" is an in-joke :)
Apr 7 by Astronautical
you forgot me D:
Apr 7 by mailjiggly
Apr 7 by Your Worst Nightmare