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I have to stop chating on here for awhile. I must have all A's in General Chemistery and Calculus I. I have some serious competion and I just find out that my school is a stress mode!!!! Whish me luck on my studies!!!
Aug 1 by sheepman1306
Be nice to me
Jul 29 by sheepman1306
Jul 28 by Carebears123
Jul 28 by Carebears123
How was your day?
Jul 27 by sheepman1306
Nice to meet you Sophisticles! I'm Ehesister! ;) I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Feel free to check out my profile. Hopefully you'll have a great time and discover new things about me and maybe even Pokemon!  Who knows, you'll even get a new Pokemon!
Jul 26 by ehesister
Perfect timing
Jul 25 by The Trapinchinator
Whatever the professors like me or not!!!!!
Jul 25 by sheepman1306
Like myself, I am going try to get ALL A's this Fall Semester for college!!!!!!
Jul 25 by sheepman1306
You need to stop procranstnate and try to focus on Math and Science . Try to find out teachers that can teach Advacne Math and Advacne Science.
Jul 25 by sheepman1306