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Psychic / Grass B&W TCG Deck.

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Only Cards From Black & White are allowed, but energy, Item and Trainer cards from other versions are allowed.
Note that this deck is for doubles.

3x Snivy- Needed for Evolution
2x Servine- Good 2 for 30 attack which can paralyze. Needed for Evolution
1x Serperior- Needed for my Strategy. Also has a good 2 for 60 attack.
4x Solosis- Needed for Evolution
2x Duosion- Needed for Evolution
1x Reuniclus- Damage Swap spreads out damage counters evenly, so that royal heal can heal them.
3x Venipede- Needed for Evolution
2x Whirlipede- Needed for Evolution
1x Scolipede- Has a 3 for 60 that ignores resistance, and another 4 for 80 attack
3x Pansage- Needed for Evolution
2x Simisage- A 1 for 30 attack with another 3 for possible 120.

24 Pokemon

1x Miasma Valley- Goes well with my deck, hurting all basic pokemon types except Grass/Psychic
3x Looker's Investigation- Lets me see my opponent's hand, and if he/she has any useful cards, lets me shuffle them back into his/her deck.
3x Good Rod- Lets me retrieve cards from my discard pile
4x Poke Healer +- Lets me Heal my Active pokemon

13 Psychic Energy
12 Grass Energy

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