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Wall for Scare-Wolf

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Your mons have been done for a bit, I'm ready when you are :)
Aug 5 by DemonFlygawne
You have HP listed twice on the Bidoof
Jul 28 by DemonFlygawne
Jul 20 by (>•D•)>

(//random wall posts intensifies// Welp at least my wall isnt lonely)
Jul 19 by (>•D•)>
Lol random wall post is random
Jul 18 by (>•D•)>
Nvm I found it lol
Jul 18 by (>•D•)>
Link your DA :0
Jul 18 by (>•D•)>
Hey  I might be able to make 252 HP 252 Def and 252 SpD for your ferrothorn. Also what pokeball do you want it in?
Jul 18 by SylveonOfDeath
Jul 17 by (>•D•)>
Sorry I was afk :0
Do you still want to battle?
Jul 17 by (>•D•)>