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There are plenty of incredible games that are offered for free, so there is no justifiable reason to pirate games. I'll list some of the best free/F2P games I've played:

Completely free:
Desktop Tower Defense: A classic in the tower defense genre, it still holds up as one of the best.
Pandemic 2: You create a virus to try to infect and kill the world.
Bubble Tanks 2: A fun top down shooter with a fairly large number of upgrade paths.
Reprisal: A god game along the lines of Populous.
Meat Boy: The original version of the beloved and challenging platformer Super Meat Boy.
Escape Goat: You play as a goat and do platforming and puzzle solving.
flow: It's from the guys who made Journey and Flower.
Hexagon: If the $0.50 cost of Super Hexagon is too pricey for you, there is a free version of the original game.
Slender: Horror game. You probably have heard of it.
Super Crate Box: Random weapon drops (meaning you don't know what the hell you are picking up) and tight controls highlight this Vlambeer title.
Stealth *******: A free version of the game Stealth ******* Deluxe, which is a stealth focused platformer.
Cave Story: One of the most beloved indie titles. It's a must play, especially since it is free.
Spelunky: The free version of the roguelike platformer.
Starcraft 2's Arcade: This is completely free. There are a huge number of stellar games here, including a recreation of the original Starcraft using the Starcraft II engine. This offers hundreds to thousands of free games, and doesn't require owning Starcraft II in order to play.

Hearthstone: A CCG I and many other people have become enamored with. It's one of my top 50 favorite video games, and for a very good reason. I wrote a more in-depth review of this title before.
League of Legends: The most played video game of all time. A very popular MOBA.
Dota 2: Another MOBA.
Team Fortress 2: Hat simulator.
Path of Exile: A hack and slash dungeon crawler along the lines of Diablo. Considered by many to have one of the fairest business models, giving all content outside cosmetic items for free.
Planetside 2: Large scale FPS action. An absolute blast.
War Thunder: Tank game.

Also, if you check out Steam, Origin, and GOG, they will offer free games every once and a while. For example, I have seen Left 4 Dead 2, Battlefield 3, Plants vs Zombies, and Torchlight all be offered for free. You also have Steam with free weekends for games being offered all the time.

These are just the ones I've played. There are many more free games out there that are considered exceptional. So next time you think about being an ******* and pirate a game, why not instead try out one of these excellent titles?
1 day ago by trachy
Magic 2015 looks... ew. It doesn't seem to be nearly as bad as Born of the Gods, but it is still fairly terrible.
1 day ago by trachy
"How to Win at College"
1. Talk about the racism in the work.
2. Talk about the sexism in the work.
3. Profit.
5 days ago by trachy
/tour create challenge cup 1vs1, roundrobin, 2
6 days ago by trachy
Note to self: Remember to look for some John Wyndham books.
Jul 5 by trachy
Hey trachy, I was wondering if you wanted to battle.  6v6 single no legends!
Jul 3 by Parzival
Well, even more so than regular pirates. Regular pirates are already scummy enough as is, and tend to give idiotic excuses for why they pirate.
Jun 30 by trachy
People who pirate games because they don't like the company's business policy=idiots and scum.
Jun 30 by trachy