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Watching Frankenweenie and there is supposed to be this touching moment and all I can think is sometimes dead is better.
15 hours ago by trachy
RIP Leonard Nimoy.
3 days ago by trachy
Blegh, these New 52 Justice League movies are pretty bad, which is a shame since the DC Animated movies have usually been pretty good. Hell, Flashpoint Paradox came out a year before Justice League: War and it was fantastic.

Villains are the main weakpoint (although dialogue in the second movie is pretty unnatural and cringe inducing). They gave Darkseid all of four lines, while usually you can't get him to shut up. Not that you would want him silent, Darkseid is one of the most eloquent of the DC villains. And then Oceanmaster was way too powerful. I scoff at the idea that his pitiful magic was made more powerful than the magic of Shazam, the ring of a Green Lantern, and powerful enough to do serious harm to Superman.
3 days ago by trachy
Reminder to self: Coraline and Corpse Bride
4 days ago by trachy
Someone told me to show you this or whatever :D
5 days ago by Jeremiah Bullfrog
Secondary Trade Targets:
Siege Rhino
Monastery Mentor
Dig Through Time
Jeskai Ascendancy
Ghostfire Blade
Deflecting Palm
Soulfire Grand Master
Hardened Scales
Feb 23 by trachy
And another GamerGate joke hashtag trends. :D
Feb 22 by trachy
Finally got around to watching Princess and the Frog. Keith David is quite possibly the best voice actor of all time. Either him or Mark Hamill.
Feb 22 by trachy
Ken Levine proving once again why he's one of my favorite devs in gaming. <3
Feb 20 by trachy