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Texas doing something right for once and showing Team America as a way to say "screw you" to North Korea over The Interview.
7 hours ago by trachy
Side in Coordinated Assault, Lagonna Band, and two Ajani's Presence
16 hours ago by trachy
x4 Phalanx Leader>x4 Seeker of the Way
x2 Ordeal, x1 Launch the Fleet, x1 Coordinated Assault>x4 Defiant Strike
x1 Mana Confluence>x1 Plains
1 day ago by trachy
I dont know exactly how many episodes there is gonna be but there will be a multi episode finale like Sozin's Comet.
3 days ago by Flafpert
I love how the Sean Connery James Bond movies can be aptly summed up as "James Bond saves everybody thanks to his sexual expertise." Like in Goldfinger, he literally saves the day by seducing somebody.
3 days ago by trachy
Anybody knows how many episodes Legend of Korra Season 4 is going to have? I want to know when they all come out.
3 days ago by trachy
3 days ago by trachy
3 days ago by Le Scraf
From what I've seen from LPs, Freedom Planet seems to get Sonic right.

Worth checking out if you're a fan of the old Sonic games and are as dissatisfied at recent offerings as everybody else is.
5 days ago by trachy
Went 4-0 at Magic tonight. Got a fetch land in my prize packs. My deck was Abzan. Basically the deck was full of win conditions.

Creatures: 14
x1 Ruthless Ripper, x2 Archer's Parapet, x1 Highland Game, x1 Temur Charger, x1 Sultai Flayer, x1 Armament Corps, x1 Abzan Guide, x3 Hooting Mandrills, x3 Wooly Loxodon

Spells: 9
x1 Despise, x1 Debilitating Injury, x1 Kin-Tree Invocation, x1 Awaken the Bear, x1 Rakshasa's Secret, x1 Utter End, x1 Death Frenzy, x1 Become Immense, x1 Rite of Serpent

Lands: 17
x1 Blossoming Sands, x6 Forest, x2 Jungle Hollow, x1 Nomad Outpost, x1 Opulent Palace, x2 Plains, x4 Swamp
6 days ago by trachy