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Glalie or Froslass For a Hail Team?

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As an ice type for a hail team. I saw the other question but it didn't help much.

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Frosslass hands down

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HP 70 250 - 344
ATTACK 80 148 - 284
DEFENSE 70 130 - 262
SP. ATK 80 148 - 284
SP. DEF 70 130 - 262
SPEED 110 202 - 350


Abilities : Snow Cloak Cursed Body (DW)


HP 80 270 - 364
ATTACK 80 148 - 284
DEFENSE 80 148 - 284
SP. ATK 80 148 - 284
SP. DEF 80 148 - 284
SPEED 80 148 - 284


Abilities: Ice Body Inner Focus Moody (DW)

Well if you want a looking at Glalies total stats they are exactly the same as Froslass's stats but Froslass is far more dominant in speed giving it and edge over Glalie. Also if Froslass has Snow Cloak then it has a high Evasiveness which is useful when you are attacking but then isn't it useful for everything? (Rhetorical question) This would have to be in Ubers though. For OU you are left with Cursed Body which is useful if you give Froslass a Focus Sash then hopefuly if the opponent uses a move that is super efective then it will get Disabled.

I would choose Froslass

Ofcourse it is up to you though.

Hope this helps

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Froslass is still superior but I would like to add that Snow Cloak is banned in all tiers except Ubers.
Oh yeah Thnxs B3N