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What flying types available in Pokemon Soul Silver can resist a Rock Slide from Bruno's Machamp?

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asked Nov 25, 2012 by IntergalacticZoroark

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Sorry, no Flying types resist Rock Slide. They will always be neutral.

Skarmory has base 140 Defense, and can definitely take a Rock Slide. Its on Route 45, under Blackthorn City.
If you can trade, a Gligar from the same route in HeartGold evolved into a Gliscor can also take a Rock Slide. Plus, it is resistant to Machamp's STAB.

answered Nov 25, 2012 by Mewderator
edited Nov 25, 2012 by Mewderator
No I mean can they survive it with like half health.
Sure, lemme find something. I believe a Skarmory can.
Sweet. I've tried Fearow but because it's so frail Rock Slide OHKO's
There. Got one.
Okay, thanks Mew!
I was having the same problem and i was using pidgeot and used fly but rock slide hit me on my ladt guy and it was down to the wire