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What is the pasword that this man wants ?

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There is a Scientist in Castelia city and he wants a password. He is In the last building by the road that leads to route 4.What is the password ?

asked Dec 9, 2012 by MK 42

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^Thats it. For this he will give you the relocater, which is no use to you anymore as the event went over a year ago.

answered Dec 9, 2012 by Flare
selected Dec 24, 2012 by Mewderator
Yeah, there ya go.
thanks it's still useless though....
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Try "Everyone"
and then try
Hope I Helped!

answered Dec 9, 2012 by Artist KS
edited Dec 9, 2012 by Artist KS
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He asks for two parts to the password:


Answer this, and he'll give you the "Relocator", which is pretty useless around now because it was used to transfer Lock Capsule, a Celebi or a Shiny Raikou, Suicune or Entei from HG/SS. The events ended over a year ago.


answered Dec 9, 2012 by StormBorn
edited Dec 18, 2012 by StormBorn
where is it?