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Pokemon events and passwords?

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How do I use a password form the Pokemon events and passwords page?
I seen the page that listed some Pokemon and C-Gear skins. So I was wondering if anyone knew how to use or where to put these passwords?

asked Feb 12, 2013 by AFa11en0ne

1 Answer

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It's really easy. You need an account on the Pokemon Global Link first.

Here I'm gonna use a Keldeo C-Gear Skin as an example:

1) Log in to the Pokémon Global Link, click on "Promotions"
2) Click on "Get the Keldeo Ordinary Form C-Gear Skin!"
3) Enter the password KELDEOCGEARBW to obtain your new skin.

Same with Pokemon Event's too, do the same procedure.

answered Feb 12, 2013 by Flare
selected Feb 13, 2013 by AFa11en0ne