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Which game is the upcoming shiny Dialga/Palkia/Giratina event for?

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I have black 2 so will that work for the real life event coming up?

asked Aug 11, 2013 by SkullBashGogoat

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...with Dialga being distributed to owners of Pokémon Black and White and Pokémon Black Version 2 and White Version 2 between August 19th and September 8th, with Palkia following on September 9th until September 29th. The event will then finish with Giratina's distribution, which will be from 30th September until 20th October.

Black/White 2.


answered Aug 11, 2013 by JarJar~
selected Aug 13, 2013 by SkullBashGogoat
Thank you
It's probably a get-ready-for-x-and-y thing.
How to get it? Please let me know!
will it work for pokemon daimond?
No. @ShinyHunter171