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Does Magician work when attacking a Pokemon that is using Protect?

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Let's say that there is a Magician Delphox with Power Herb against a Swellow with Flame Orb. On the first turn, Swellow uses Protect and Delphox uses Solar Beam. The Power Herb is consumed, but Solar Beam doesn't work because Swellow used Protect.
Will Delphox's Magician then take Swellow's Flame Orb?

asked Aug 14 by The Trapinchinator
edited Aug 15 by Sempiternus

1 Answer

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No, it will not steal it.

When a Pokémon with Magician hits another Pokémon with a move, it will steal the held item of the Pokémon that it hit. Future Sight and Doom Desire do not activate the Ability.

You have to hit the Pokemon in order to hit it.

Hope I helped.

answered Aug 14 by JackZero
selected Aug 15 by The Trapinchinator