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What are some of the best move combos in Pokemon you have found?

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I breed pokemon in the game and am pretty good at IVs and EVs and such. I have thought of a few good tactics, such as

  • Safe Guard and Outrage/Petal Dance/Thrash (avoids confusion ailment)
  • Mimic and Imprison (permanent Disables last move)
  • Swagger/Flatter and Psych Up/Haze (either gives you upped stats or resets theirs)
  • Defense Curl followed by Roll Out (makes roll out stronger)
  • Rain Dance and Thunder (Thunder never misses)
  • Belly Drum and Rest (works best with a chesto berry. Maximizes attack)
  • Sunny Day and Solar Beam (solar beam no longer needs to charge)
  • Endure and Flail/Reversal (makes the attack moves really strong compared to normal)

What are some of the best move combos that you have found so far? :D
Explain your choices, and why they make good combos.

Please read all the answers before posting, to avoid duplicate answers. Yes, all 100+ of them.

And no full on movesets either, there are separate questions for that :-)

asked Apr 28, 2010 by uberchrisp
edited Apr 7 by Pokemaster
One more flaw is if the move is like rock blast or ice shard and can break sturdy.
That is true.
We already have that combo listed.
Oh. Thanks. (So it *is* a "combo"!)
Wow I never thought this would pass 110...

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spiritomb and shedninja. spiritomb uses skill swap with shedninja and now you have a pretty invincible spiritomb but not completely because soak will ruin it, so watch out for water types. also, have zoroark out and toxicroak at last so zorouark will transform to toxicroak as illusion. if a psychic type is not out, use moves that toxicroak can learn until a psychic is out then, the first move it uses is psychic and it has no effect so you get a chance to use a dark type move (probably knocking it out) and if your opponent is stupid and doesn't realize its zoroark, (unless you use sucker punch or something) guess what you can take another psychic or ghost.

answered Jun 9, 2013 by serperiormind996
edited Jun 9, 2013 by serperiormind996
you do know that Wonder Guard is not Skill Swap-able, right?
>Wonder Guard cannot be Skill Swapped or copied by Role Play, but it can be Traced.
well i never tried shedninja thing, my friend was just about to try it though.
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double battle, gliscor, and something else with follow me. the trick is, the follow me poke probably wants focus sash and gliscor 2. following the other Pokemon could mean gliscor gets time to hone claws and gullioitine. also, walrein with the item that increases accuracy if slower (i believe zoom lens) and the move set of rest, sleep talk, fissure, sheer cold. considering walrein's speed, it will be more likly the auto ko moves will be more likly to hit, and can gain hp do it over and over again.

answered Jun 18, 2013 by serperiormind996
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You can have a drifblim with the ability unburden and have recycle with a sitrus berry or a item that disaperes. When you use the sitrus berry your speed will go up and then you can use recycle to get it back and use the sitrus berry again to gain more speed while gaining more HP.

answered Dec 2, 2013 by MegaAerodactylsweep
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well, this one might be considered a gimmick. but I have tried it, and it worked quite well actually. anyway, this strategy is really good to counter annoying defoggers . especially this **** named mandibuzz

send a hazard setter in on a defogger and use Spikes/SR/etc. one time. SR or web is recommended as the defogger might usually want to remove hazard until all the layers of that specific hazard is set up. when you know a defog is coming, switch to a fast Pokemon with defiant (Braviary or Bisharp). your attack will now be doubled because of the evasion drop combined with defiant.

answered Apr 12 by Dr Dude
That is not a move combo. That is a strategy. And it works well, it is not a gimmick. Braviary itself is a gimmick without Sheer Force, anyway, so Bisharp and Competitive Milotic are the best users of that strategy.
Milotic is pretty weak. It seems great on paper but is outclassed by pretty much every other defensive Water-type and offensively, there are better Pokémon so Defiant Bisharp is your best bet.
tbh, bravery with sheer force is pretty terrible as the only real move it can abuse with sheer force is rock slide which isn't good on it anyway. bravery can be used in the coming ten 6 NU against golbat, but anyway. whats the difference between strategy and move combo?
The spelling
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Natural Gift + Recycle

answered Apr 12 by #Mega Pinsir
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Fling + Recycle

Sitrus Berry + Recycle

answered Apr 12 by #Mega Pinsir
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Heres one:

Toxic Orb item
Toxic Heal ability

Focus Punch


answered 5 days ago by DA Shadow
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In a double battle, throw out any Pokemon with an ability-switching move (Like Kadabra and Skill Swap for instance) and then a Shedinja. First, make sure your Pokemon with the ability switching move is faster, then use the ability-switching move on your Shedinja. Have Shedinja use U-Turn, then switch to with Sabelye or Spiritomb (either one, it doesn't matter) and use the move on your partner again. Sabelye/Spiritomb will have Wonder Guard, which only super effective moves will hit, and they don't have any weaknesses, thus making it an invincible Pokemon!

answered Jul 11, 2013 by Dratini_32
Have You ever imagined that Skill Swap cannot affect Shedinja?
How many people do not know that wonder guard is not skill swappable!