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What is the highest stat possible?

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Let's say that I have a Shuckle with 252 Def EVs, Bold Nature, and Defense Curl. It can go up pretty high. What is the highest stat any Pokemon can have? And who is that Pokemon? Take items, EVs, natures, and moves into account.

asked Dec 6, 2011 by Mewderator

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If you include HP which is slightly different to the other stats, the highest is Blissey's HP which can get to 714.

Otherwise it's Shuckle who can have a maximum Defense or Special Defense of 614.

And just to complete the stats, the Deoxys forms can have the highest Attack, Special Attack or Speed, with a maximum of 504.

Oh, and with stat boosts you can go +6 stages which is 4 times the original, so Shuckle can get to 2456.
A Choice item can boost Attack, Sp.Attack or Speed by 1.5x, so Deoxys can get to 3024!

You can go to the links to check if they learn moves to boost those stats, Shuckle's defense and Deoxys's Special Attack can definitely be boosted so you can get that 3024.

answered Dec 6, 2011 by Pokemaster
edited Dec 6, 2011 by trachy
Choice Specs boosts Special Attack by 1.5x
Also, without Baton Pass. Meaning Pokemon that can do boosting themselves. ie Serperior with Calm Mind+Specs.
Calm Mind+Specs=Fail xD
You could use magic room to use the specs and calm mind if you wanted.
@Fear, ha you're right, forgot all about that....