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picachu and other breedable pokemon and lighball = volt tackle pichu?

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if i got a male shinx with a female picahu holding light ball give me a pichu with volt tackle or would it have to be picachu and picachu with light ball?

asked Mar 16, 2012 by INFERNAPEpro

2 Answers

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No, only male pokemon can pass down moves, but if Shinx could learn Volt Tackle, which it can't, thats how you pass down moves.

However, if you breed Pikachu holding a light ball, and Ditto, thats how you can get a Pichu with Volt Tackle. HTH!

answered Mar 16, 2012 by Rio
But only in Platinum and HG&SS.
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Get a female Pikachu with a Light Ball, get a male pokemon in the same egg group, leave them at the daycare, get the egg, hatch it, and you should have a Pichu with Volt Tackle.
Source: Personal Experience
P.S. Volt Tackle is really useful. monitor your HP when using it so you don't act like a suicide bomber or commit suicide.

answered Mar 25, 2012 by balin1998