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How do you use PokeGen?

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asked May 11, 2012 by [MEGA]StellarLucario

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  1. Enter all info on the Pokemon.

  2. Go to File> Click "Save Pokemon (from tabs)"> Save it under the Pokemon's name

    (NOTE: For organizational purposes only.
    You can save it as "ugyiretfglot54po78tg" if you wish)

  3. Go to the appropiate site:


PokeGTS/ Upload 5th Gen


PokeGTS/ Upload 4th Gen

and Click Browse> Find the file of the Pokemon> open it> Click Submit (next to Browse).

(The site you choose depends on the GAME, not the pokemon. If you are uploading a Garchomp to your White, use the first site (5th Gen). The other is for uploading to D/P/Pt.)

  1. Go to your game's Wi-Fi Settings, set your DS' DNS server to (just the Primary DNS) and visit the GTS in game to retrieve your pokemon. Please have a full party (or the Pokemon can glitch up. I know from experience.)

  2. Go to your PC and find it. Enjoy.


answered May 13, 2012 by 5th of November
edited May 13, 2012 by 5th of November
MUCH better.
If you don't mind me stealing your question, (:3) how do how save the data after entering all of the information of the pokemon?
@Yes: Read step 2:

Go to File> Click "Save Pokemon (from tabs)"> Save it under the Pokemon's name
@UberPwnage Actually, I'm not getting all of those options. I went to Select Pokemon, entered all of the info there, clicked submit stats and that was it. Nothing happened after that. Am I doing something wrong?
Edit: Nevermind lol I got it
Isn't that hacking?
It clearly is hacking, but most people find it convenient.
I cannot find the submit button AND do you need your exact ID or will the pokemon just act weird if its not and is arceus in diamond version?
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simply open the program and then put in the stuff you want. (i.e. ivs, evs, moves, items, O.T., pokemon, shinyness, ect.)

answered May 11, 2012 by DracoArceus
Still a rather complicated program to use.....
Anyone know how to put these things on your DS????