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What are all the moves that attack with no additional affect?

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I know Zap Cannon is one, but it has crap accuracy.

asked Sep 17, 2012 by IntergalacticZoroark
What do you mean? Like, all the attacking moves which have no side effect?
zap cannon have additional effect(paralizes target if hit)

1 Answer

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Here's a link for the movedex on smogon
Just read the descriptions of the moves and below are some of those moves.
If you mean the effects like poison and confuse
Aqua Tail
Arm Thrust
Bone Rush
Bullet Seed
Chip Away
Comet Punch
Cross Chop
Crush Grip
Double Hit
Double Kick
Dragon Claw
Dragon Pulse
Dragon Rage
Drill Peck
Drill Run
Dual Chop
Echoed Voice
Egg Bomb
Electro Ball

answered Sep 17, 2012 by CChariz
selected Sep 18, 2012 by IntergalacticZoroark
Where did you get your info? If you have a douse, provide a link. You don't have to list it all up yourself if you have a source.
Just read the descriptions on the moves on the smogon movedex
Good! Now That you have a source, Kingdra will know where to look for more...
Doesn't ExtremeSpeed have priority? Doesn't that count as an affect?