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Tournament Suggestions are welcome here!

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This is where you post your ideas for tournaments. Please include as many details as possible, the users of the PokemonDB shall decide which tournaments will go first by a show of upvotes.

Ongoing tournaments:
"The Collab Tournament"

Tournaments you can sign up for:

List of Tournament winners:
Tournament Winners: Hall of Fame

Old and not so popular suggestions will be hidden over time to prevent clutter.

asked Jun 8, 2012 by Blobyolo
edited Feb 19 by MrKijani

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If you have an idea, then share it. But we really don't need seven people trying to have tournaments constantly. If you like an Idea, upvote. If you don't, downvote.

  • Highest voted suggestions will go first.

  • Post whether your tournament is going to have 8 people or 16 people.

  • Tournaments can only go with a moderator's go.

  • Challonge match-ups cannot be used. You must have the match-ups written on the post.

  • No signing up for the tournament before it gets a meta question.

  • Tournaments require at least six upvotes before they can go.

  • If a tournament seems like it will be best held for a special occasion, it will be postponed until that occasion.

  • Tournaments that have been around for more than six months and have also not exceeded six upvotes will be hidden.

  • You must put matchups in the post. Not in an answer, it just makes it difficult.

answered Jun 8, 2012 by Nindzya
edited Jan 14 by Nindzya
17 votes

How about a STABmons tournament?

This is basically a standard OU tournament with a catch:

Pokemon can get ALL moves that they get STAB from in addition to their regular moves.

For example:

Thundurus-T (M) @ Life Orb
Trait: Volt Absorb
EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Agility
- Thunder
- Hurricane
- Hidden Power [Ice]

Breloom's Hi Jump Kick is gonna hurt. How about Kyurem-B's access to Icicle Crash and Spear sound like? Landorus-T's Brave Bird? Gliscor getting Stealth Rock and Spikes? Alakazam's Psystrike? How about Keldeo's Water Spout? The possibilities are endless.

Another rule is:

If a Pokemon changes type when evolving, the fully evolved form can get all the moves that the prevolved form's type was.

So Bellossom, which evolves from Gloom, can get every Grass move, like Spore, in addition to every Poison move, like Gunk Shot. Same goes for Scizor, which can get all Flying moves.

To make it less of an OU feel:

Round 1 will be NU.
Round 2 will be RU.
Round 3 will be UU.
Round 4 will be OU.

Standard stuff is banned from Smogon. Banned Pokemon will be announced later on.

answered Aug 19, 2013 by Mewderator
Finally a tournament for all the noobs who think Garchomp learns Dragon Dance.
Lol trachy
Might I offer the suggestion that instead of having different tiers of STABmons in order to negate the OU feel, that instead we do Tiershift STABmons?
Wow. Nice Idea.
16 votes

TIME CAPSULE TOURNEY: This won't be of any use until gen VI

standard competitive tournament, but we all use one pokemon from Each Generation.

Optional: Using one Starter pokemon from each generation.

answered Jun 9, 2013 by DarkTyphlosion
i like the starter idea
Starters, Blaziken banned
Tier isn't listed. And if so, Swampert and Sceptile can still do well.
I love this idea. Not the starter one thoug...
I strongly dislike the starter part. Rest is good tho
Dragonite Tyranitar Metagross Garchomp Hydreigon Goodra
12 votes

Mixed Tier Tournament

Each person gets 13 points to spend on Pokemon.
-OU and BL are 4 points.
-UU and BL2 are 3 points.
-RU and BL3 are 2 points.
-NU and PU are 1 point.
-NFE (http://www.smogon.com/bw/tiers/nfe) and LC (http://www.smogon.com/bw/tiers/lc) are .5 points.

All other standard rules will apply, I will post them if and when we have a meta question for this tournament.

As you might notice, there are two mixed-tier tournament suggestions. The one that gets the most upvotes by the time it is chosen will be the one that is done. I will hide the other one. So vote for your favorite!

answered Oct 14, 2012 by trachy
reshown Jun 29, 2013 by Nindzya
Does this mean someone one could make 26 NFE teams and their opponent would have to battle all 26 :3
Of course not. :P
One team.
aww so close :D
12 votes

Behold... Mono Arceus Tournament

The on-going Smeargle tourney gave me an idea. Why not have a mono-Arceus tourney?
Well, there are some rules of course, you have to have a team full of Arceus, but the twist is that they must be a different type, each. This will stop people from spamming Close Combat all over the place on the Normal Type Arceus' :P

  • Every team must be made out of Arceus.
  • Each team must have six different types of Arceus.
  • Standard Smogon clauses apply.
  • You may toggle around with EV's however much you like.
  • The only item viable is the plate of the Arceus type you're using.
  • Have fun. This is the most important rule of all, and if you disobey, you're out :D

So, this is my idea, hope you like it, and hope this happens! Lez' do this!

answered May 25, 2013 by Flare
edited Jun 28, 2013 by trachy
If you guys are spamming Arceus Fairy then I can use my beloved Arceus Poison and Steel. :D And Water and Ice and-*rambles on about her favorite but not usually viable Arceus Types*
The best method would to be a traditional or a random but useful Arceus with some coverage. I'm not giving away my Arceus type, but choosing something to combat all 3 of those types you just mentioned isn't a bad start
Well, let's see.. If I used Poison and Steel, that's a ground weakness right there, which is covered by Arceus-Ice, so now I have a Fire and Fighting weakness, Fire weakness is covered by Arceus Water. That leaves a Fighting and Psychic weakness, and I think I know what I'd use to cover that.. >:D And then the last Poke.. Hehe..
*plots evilly*
TBH slash that does look somewhat predictable and just common logic. :P. I'm going for wacky and unpredictable
Since when is Arceus Water predictable? :P
Anyway, you know me. The movesets are gonna be wacko.
12 votes

Ever wanted to be a Gym Leader? Now you finally can

The Gym Challenge

You must have six pokemon of the same type on a team. Your signature pokemon will be the only pokemon that can have an item and that item must be any berry. and last but not least, and this is the most hard part to implement, you must have a tm that all your pokemon have to learn that has to be there type (protect, return, frustration, attract, toxic, rest, substitute, and ect. are all banned because all pokemon can learn them)
example team. type: fighting. TM: Hi jump kick.
Mienshao Hitmontop Scrafty Lucario Medicham and Hitmonlee all fit the requirements

  • Normal Smogon rules apply
  • All pokemon must be level 100
  • No ubers
  • No legendarys

Hope you all will enjoy

answered Jun 29, 2013 by toxicroaker
edited Jul 28, 2013 by toxicroaker
I REALLY like this idea but I don't have enough points to up vote and I have no level 100 pokemon.

What generation is this?
It is not Wifi battles.
12 votes

Okay. First-time post from me.

The Hunger Games Tournament!

24 Players in all.
People sign up as teams of two, or individually and randomly matched up after 24 tributes are committed. Teams (obviously 12 teams) will be randomly assigned a District that they represent.
Tributes of the same district can collaborate if they wish, or work individually. It's up to the tributes of the district. No cheating by working with tributes from other districts.
Battles are singles. Showdown OU Bans apply.
Teams are created based off the ideal production of the district. IE, District 2 would use rock types and pokemon of that nature, district 4 use water types and pokemon of that nature, etc. Comment if any districts are tricky to make teams for (IE 8, textiles, use pokemon with cutting hands, or something of that nature.) Get creative with it!

I believe that explains it all.


answered Feb 8 by Rio
Sounds awesome! I love the idea that we can team up only is we want to, which really adds a Hunger Games feel to it. ;)
So I'm guessing Grass Types would be for the lumber District?
Hell yeah, I'm in
Wow, I had no idea this would get so popular so fast. Lets hope it gets accepted and started soon! :D Thanks for the support, guys!
Also in case any of you were wondering if we do pairs, Rio and I will be hooking up in this tour.
I'd like to be teamed with PX, Dr.Flame, or Ayan if possible.. :P
11 votes

One more from me, can't really think of a name for it.

  • 16 people can participate.
  • Once all contestants have signed up, a deadline will be given. Competitors can battle anyone they want in the tourney. No matchups are given. So if me, Riles, Unrecognizable, and UberPwnage sign up, I can challenge any one of the 3 contestants that are present.
  • You can battle as many times as you want. Meaning you can battle 80 times if you wanted to. All battling ends on the deadline.
  • The tier that the battle will be is determined by the agreement between the two battlers.
  • A point system determines who is kicked out of the tournament. All competitors start with 10 points. Gaining and losing of points is determined by the amount of Pokemon the winner has left. Let's say I 6-0 Riles. I would gain 6 points, and he would lose 6. If I 1-0 him, I would win 1, he'd lose 1. The 8 people who have the most points after the deadline move to round 2; the 4 people who have the most points in round 2 will go to round 3, and so on. Points are rest each round to make battling happen, If there is a tie, the people with the tie must battle it out to proceed.
  • FEAR, SmashPass, OHKO moves, and Entrainment are banned.
  • Smogon's banlist applies.
  • Smogon's tiers are used.
answered Aug 21, 2012 by Mewderator
reshown Jun 30, 2013 by trachy
OMA, i love it :D
OMA? lol i love it to <3
Oh My Arcues...... lol
But good idea Mew
A few problems with the tourney. I love it, just some things that wouldn't work.
 - would you keep your points hidden?
 - what if you battled once and lost, and your opponent refuses to battle you again?
There are no matchups. Points will be displayed in your answer.
11 votes

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."

This Tournament rule is simple. No attacking moves. A few ground rules to prevent issues:

  • The moves magic coat and taunt are banned.
  • (Optional) Prankster is banned.
  • the abilities Magic guard and Magic Bounce are banned
  • Sand and hail are banned (I understand they are passive, but they put huge limitations on pokemon options.

If you can think of other potential issues for game breaking, just comment and let me know.

answered Jun 9, 2013 by DarkTyphlosion
edited Jun 9, 2013 by DarkTyphlosion
Taunt should be banned
I thought i already put that one. I feel dumb then.
Substitute should be banned.
heal bell should be banned
Well if you ban Heal Bell and Substitute then may as well ban Natural Cure :P

In other words, I do not agree and do not ban them please :3
I agree that Heal Bell shoudlnt be banned but Substitute should seeing as it blocks all non-attacking moves besides Roar and Whirlwind.
Naw, Heal Bell blocks the only way of putting on damage.
Heal Bell doesn't Block Leech Seed does it? or curse? (keep heal bell)
10 votes

Triple-Type Tourney

The rules are:

  • Only three pokemon allowed
  • Only one pokemon of each type
  • They must be from the categories listed
  • Drought and Drizzle abilities are banned
  • Smogon OU Tier
  • Regular smogon bans apply

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

To take place on Showdown

answered Jan 29, 2013 by MrKijani
edited Jan 14 by MrKijani
10 votes

The Avatar Tour

Here's how it works:
- 8 or 16 players is required
- (if 8) 2 players will be from the same tribe, (if 16) 4 players will be from the same tribe
- The tribes have certain types that they can use, the list is detailed here
- Your tribe will be determined using the month you were born in
- Members of the same tribe can only face each other if they make it to the finals
- One match only, replay required as proof, no re-challenges due to hax

Any other question please ask me via comments.

Thank you one and all for reading.

answered Dec 24, 2013 by MrKijani
Name Change: Earth Rumble Six
Fire Blast Five
Air Shifter Seven
Water Ball Nine

How about I leave it at "The Avatar Tour" ;P
Pokemon + Avatar: The Last Airbender= Me Gusta :D
9 votes

Mixed Tier Mono-Region Tournament

Each person gets 13 points to spend on Pokemon.
-OU and BL are 4 points.
-UU and BL2 are 3 points.
-RU and BL3 are 2 points.
-NU and PU are 1 point.
-NFE (http://www.smogon.com/bw/tiers/nfe) and LC (http://www.smogon.com/bw/tiers/lc) are .5 points.

You will be randomly assigned a region. Each region will have at least three people, one region will have four people to it though.

All other standard rules will apply, I will post them if and when we have a meta question for this tournament.

As you might notice, there are two mixed-tier tournament suggestions. The one that gets the most upvotes by the time it is chosen will be the one that is done. I will hide the other one. So vote for your favorite!

answered Oct 14, 2012 by trachy
edited Oct 14, 2012 by trachy
make the 4 person region Unova
9 votes

Tournament: Smogon Doubles
Number of players: 16
Method: Pokemon Showdown
Best out of 3 matches goes to the next round.
Hosts: Mr.K and AlphaDraconis

For those 3 matches you may use one team only

Mr.K will take care of the match ups

Contestants will decide between them if they are to battle with Smogon Doubles or VGC Doubles.
If you can't decide then either Mr.K or AlphaDraconis will decide for you.

answered May 11, 2013 by AlphaDraconis
edited Jul 4, 2013 by MrKijani
Dang, if I had the time I'd love to sign up...Maybe next time. :/
i suck but what the heck, lets go! and btw, people sign up after this actually goes underway ;/ but i guess you can reserve places.
We were thinking if we signed up people along the way it would get this tourney going a lot faster. Yeah were trolls like that ;D
And it doesnt matter that you suck, it's about the fun ;)
You cannot reserve places, sorry.
Ok then, we won't reserve spots. No problemo.
9 votes

Before DB

This is simple. You battle like you would before you became experienced.

  • Hazards are banned.
  • One Legendary Pokemon per team.
  • Choice Items and Items that cause yourself residual damage are banned.
  • EVs at 0.

Basically battle like an idiot. These rules can be changed, I base them off how me and my friends played back in the day.

answered Aug 9, 2013 by Nindzya
edited Jan 20 by Nindzya
See, the tourney is named "Before DB", but I was experienced before DB. ;-;
But back in the day, it was go legendaries or go home ;~;

Either way, +1
Is species clause active?
my ultimate team:

So, I get to use Ubers Chatot and Binding Band Dugtrio again? Chople Berry on a Pokemon not weak to fighting? All those old teams I never fixed can be used once more? 3 Water Attack Empoleon? I'm totally in.
8 votes

Battle of the Titans!


  • Each pokemon must be either over 5 Feet Tall or weigh more than 500 Pounds. Height and Weight will be determined based on their pokedex entry.
  • Only one Uber pokemon allowed
  • Only two OU pokemon allowed
  • Kyogre is banned
  • Regular Showdown OU bans apply

Can you fit the requirements and still make a creative team? With these bans you may have to dip into UU, RU, and NU. No spamming those Scarfed Kyogre Water Spouts either. Let's get this battle under way, prepare for the ground to rumble because it's the

answered Feb 11 by MrKijani
Oh yes. This has so much potential.
I would so be in
Are you making a reference to Attack on Titan, by any chance? :3
Nope lol
NU! :D
8 votes

Team Tourney
I think JCM posted about it but it never got going, but I'm hoping to bring it back :D

There will be 4 captains. (Decided from when everyone signs up)
Each captain will take turns picking their players.
Draft One
Captain 1 picks his player.
Captain 2 picks his player.
Captain 3 picks his player.
Captain 4 picks his player.
Draft Two
Captain 4 picks his player.
And so on.

Players will compete in all tiers. So captains try and pick smart, not just all the best players but only in OU.
The team(s) with the most wins after all players have battled go to round 2.
24 players + 4 captains. 7 people per team.


answered Feb 18 by Flame.
edited Feb 19 by Flame.
The 1st pick will be Mew ._.
By the time this tournament comes up, it will be me. o3o
There's some wishful thinking for ya!
Wow I like this idea. +1 The first (last) pick will be me, hotcakes! ._.
Btw Mew will prolly be a captain. Same with Hex if he's in it
Yeah Mew, Hex, Someone, and someone will probably be captain.
Mike as well and maybe you, Flame.
Yay im captain Kuchiki Byakuya Division 6
7 votes

its time for wheel of fortune!


ok, heres what gonna happen. there will be 2 wheels, a type wheel and a tier wheel. you spin both wheels, and... im not gonna bother explaining. i'll just give you a example. i spin both wheels. say i land on electric and OU. i pick a electric type from OU. bing. bang. boom. simple as that. smogon tiers and rules apply. if by some chance there isnt a certain type in the tier you spun or something, you spin one of the wheels again. all pokemon are at lv. 100. to make everybody happy, these tiers will not be used: LC, NFE, BL3. if you think more tiers should not be used, tell me, because 10-to-1 you would know better than me.

if i goofed or did something wrong, please tell me, because you're most likely more experienced than me.

i will not host or even participate. if you would like to know why, look at the comments :)

th-th-th-tha-tha-thats all, folks!
-Porky Pig from Looney Tunes

answered Jun 17, 2013 by some random guy
i am not participating because i dont get how OU works or how tiers work or any of that. in fact, i had never even heard of tiers until i joined this site. i dont even have a tutor.
i like this idea
i too like this idea
I three like this idea
7 votes

Gen IV IQ Tournament


Eight person tournament. Each person will be randomly assigned an IQ group except for I and J. Ubers will be banned.

The battles will take place using Gen IV only rules, moves, etc.

answered Aug 13, 2013 by trachy
7 votes

Let's Play Scrabble (Tournament!)

You randomly receive a letter, for example K. The following thing you need to do is find a Pokemon with the letter K in it's name. Now you will have to find the next team member who's name starts with the ending letter of the first Pokemon's name and so on and so on until you have 6 Pokemon. However you can't have 2 Pokemon start with the same letter.
Example:-You choose Kadabra as you first Pokemon and Alomommola as your second Pokemon. Now you want to add Arcanine, but this can't be done because Alamommola's name already starts with A.
However, all hope isn't lost yet. If you ever find yourself in this situation it is permitted to just pick the second to last letter in the Pokemon's name.


  • 16 people can compete
  • All tiers are allowed barring Ubers
  • 6 Pokemon must be used
  • No duplicate letters
  • You must use the same team throughout the whole tournament
  • The standard smogon rules will be used

The first letter of a Pokemon with a nickname will be negated

This is just a suggestion, if anyone knows better or more rules that can be applied here, feel free to add :)

answered Aug 14, 2013 by Aeternis
I lovvit <333
Oh. So I get X and I'm stuck with Xatu or Xearneas
It would be like X for Xatu
Then since the last letter is U you'd get for example, Uxie
Then since the last letter is E, you'd get for example, Escavalier. And so on :I
I mean, Xatu or Xearneas for a team....not really..
6 votes

We've all heard of Little Cup, and we've all heard of Monotype, but what about Monotype LC?


  • Regular LC Bans
  • Hax Items
  • Mono-Ghost Type Teams
  • Mono-Psychic Type Teams
  • Mono-Fighting Type Teams
  • Shell Smash
  • Entry Hazards of any kind
  • Weather


  • 16 Participants
  • All teams must be made up of LC pokemon
  • All teams must be made up of pokemon that are all of the same type
  • Double-typed pokemon are allowed, as long as one of their types is the type you are using
  • You can use whatever type team you want, bar the 3 that are banned.
  • All rules are negotiable, if you can provide a tangible argument as to why a rule should be added or lifted, it will be done.

Big thanks to Kyron for helping me with the bans

answered Mar 5, 2013 by |SentByRavens|
edited Mar 5, 2013 by |SentByRavens|
May I suggest a Phantump ban? As much as I love it, Harvest Sub Oran can wall teams into oblivion with Will-o-Wisp and Phantom Force and Horn Leech. Or at least a Harvest Oran ban.