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Tournament Suggestions are welcome here! ~Edited~ {Read before posting} (page 3)

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This is where you post your ideas for tournaments. Please include as many details as possible, the users of the PokemonDB shall decide which tournaments will go first by a show of upvotes.

Ongoing tournaments:
None at the moment.

Tournaments you can sign up for:
None at the moment.

List of Tournament Winners

Old and not so popular suggestions will be hidden over time to prevent clutter.

Please check through the existing answers and the tournament winners pages linked above to make sure your suggestion hasn't already been made.

Please vote on the suggestions at which you guys would want to happen. Take note that these Tournaments will not be hosted on the 3DS, but on a Pokemon Simulator called Pokemon Showdown. Also if you have a new suggestion that has not been suggested, post it and see if it gets support! New Tournaments will be started soon with the highest votes going first!

asked Jun 8, 2012 by Blobyolo
edited Aug 6 by Scraϝ
When will the next tourney begin?
So, if a tournament has at least 6 up votes, will it definitely happen at some point?
Read the selected answer.
So many amazing tourneys being suggested, and we still havent finished the STABmons tourney. gj guys.

41 Answers

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  • 18 teams, each of which represent a type (all Pokemon must have a common type which is different to the other 17 teams).
  • Round Robin.


  • Normal OU rules apply.
  • Points given are equal to the number of your surviving (if you lose you get no points).
  • Your team must stay unaltered throughout the tournament: no changes to teams ~or~ a team is designed for each individual match in which both competitors know what only what common type the team they will be facing has (this option will not take that much time because of the ability to make teams quickly on showdown - I prefer this option).

I suggest that only experienced competitive battlers take part so we can find out what the best competitive type is... to some extent.

answered 5 days ago by The Big Fudge