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Suggestion: On the Pokedex, show the catch rates of Pokemon with different Pokeballs.

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If the title is not straightforward enough, here's what I was thinking:
Could you put the different catch rates of Pokemon when using different and various Pokeballs? Like for example if you use an Ultra Ball then the Pokemon's catch rate would be higher, so like this:

>So say Rio wants to check the catch rate of Phanpy. She sees it's catch rate is 120. Then she wants to catch it with a Luxury Ball, so she wants to know what the catch rate would be with this Pokeball.

So can you put the catch rates of different Pokemon with different Pokeballs? For more information, see my comment.

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Not sure. The page would look messy, and would take longer to load. And if your connection is crap like mine, it's not gonna help. Perhaps a link to a page that lists the catch rate for each Pokemon would be more appropriate? Good suggestion though.
That's what I meant. A separate page with a link. Like when it says how much the catch rate is w/ a Pokeball at full HP, there's a link below.
Exactly how I pictured it :P
'Great minds think alike.'
LOL yeah! You are so funny, bro.
Catching Phanpys. <3
On W2, the Growlith were to cute to KO, so I just caught them all. They're my movie buddies now. ;P

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I do plan to add a "catch rate calculator" at some point, where you can put in the Pokemon and it will show you the chance of catching it. So that would solve your problem.

For now, the percentage that's there should serve as a good guide, e.g. "15.7% with PokéBall, full HP" shows you have about a 1/6 chance when Phanpy with a PokeBall is at 100% HP, so it figures with much lower HP (and a better Ball) it's very easy to catch.

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