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What is your "Pokemon Online/Showdown" username? (page 3)

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Like a "What is your Friend Code" Question. Lots of people here on the site have started to use Pokemon Online. I thought this kind of question was kind of neccessary (plus perhaps it can fill the "Popular Questions" section which only has the Friend-Code question at the moment.) So here you post your username on Pokemon Online.

asked May 14, 2011 by trachy
edited Apr 6 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Where can you make a PO account?   
l've never tried it, and l'd like to see how it works.  
Can someone give me a link?
thanks for editing in taht, Ninja
Wait, the title says you can post your Showdown username, but I only see posts for PO.

57 Answers

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PS! names:

Le Kingler~: Main Alt
Sacred Fire Pig~: Other Main alt
ScarfedShao: Nice colour :)
HJKShao: Not really used but meh
Goodragoodragoo: Alt for hangman :P
AFK Crab: When AFK

answered Jan 8 by Phoebus Apollo~
edited Mar 23 by Phoebus Apollo~
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TheodenOfRohan--Main account until I think of something better
detGravemind--For trolling
۝Børⱷᵯir۝--Not used anymore
AsianVegetables--No longer used
iFunny:D--for testing teams
ChingChong--For trolling
Spammerhead_Shark--Old account, no longer used
Faramir--Random account. Faramir is kind of underused. He doesn't even have a meme of his own.
MegaCheesefish--No longer used
DoYouWantSomeJuice?--Trolling, and occasionally the DB server
SwissAndCheddar--Not bad, not bad,I sometimes switch between this and Theoden
DuhAsian--For trolling
YouDon'tSay?--No longer used
ChopsticksUpYourButt--For trolling
ManaManaMana--No longer used, though might make a comeback. Very nostalgic...
Bacon--No longer used.
There probably are a bunch more, that I've forgotten...

answered Jan 9 by ۞GreedTheAvaricious۞
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Only on Showdown, and my names are:
Any variation of NonePiece (ie, NunPeace)
Gale Force Winds
Gale Force Zephyr
Also, I play almost every tier, master of none

answered Feb 27 by NonePiece
edited Feb 27 by NonePiece
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Sempiternus (main one c:)

PO (Only reason this is gud is because of base 70 power HP in Gen 5 still and it has gud IV system. Actually shows you what HP you have >.> unlike Showdown) ;

answered Feb 28 by Sempiternus
PO saks :v
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Might as well answer with my username since the thread's been cleaned up by Ninja.

Pokémon Showdown Username: DanH1995

If I create more I'll update :)

answered Feb 28 by Sir Dan
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Pokemon Showdown

Dragneel999 Main Account
Super Shinobi Testing account
Akely I use this when I forget my other passwords

Pokemon Online

I haven't used my computer really (I use my tablet)

But I will make a new one

answered Feb 28 by Natsu
edited Mar 21 by Natsu
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JackZero is my most common PS username.

answered Mar 3 by Immortal
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I have a few, but am usually on Aeternis.
The others are:

  • Le Sovereign
  • The Legislator
  • Valet
  • Valetbro
  • Lucky Nubblet(for when I'am feeling lucky)
answered Mar 3 by Aeternis
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Meh wynaut.

My showdown names: Catnipz, Kazemon, Yoga Catz, Tessa the Reaper.

I have others but those are my main four.

answered Mar 3 by $tarPower
edited Mar 21 by $tarPower
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Toxic Gengar, Fiery Chandelure, Evil Spiritomb or Doll Banette (the most common) will be my usernames.

answered Mar 4 by Fist Of Justice
edited Jun 2 by Fist Of Justice
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Mine is RavenofPrey

answered Mar 9 by Young Reezy
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AlphaDraconis, Draggykins, Leader Demon are my main ones on PS

answered Mar 10 by AlphaDraconis
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My Pokémon Showdown! usernames are Torterra02 , TerrorDaTorterra , SparkyDaJolteon , FrostDaGlaceon & BladeDaLeafeon. I'm active nearly every day so you'll see me around quite often .

The Tiers I Play

  • OU Monotype

  • Random Battles

  • Ubers

answered Apr 11 by Torterra02
edited Jun 9 by Torterra02
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Showdown Username: Blazo64

answered Apr 14 by Blazo
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My Showdown username is AegisDatLash, Airstriker, or something.
Currently don't have PO.
On DB server or main mostly.

answered May 28 by AegisDatLash
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Only 2 (Or 3)

DraconicUmbreon02 --> Usually, until I decide to swich back to Electridash02

Electridash02 --> Meh. Don't really use it since I changed to DraconicUmbreon02

GlidingEmpoleon02 --> Never going to be used. Probably forever

answered May 29 by E⚡️ectridash02
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Tommen I

Kawaii Terlor

Mentor Terlor

answered May 29 by Kawaii Terlor