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What is your "Pokemon Online/Showdown" username? (page 4)

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Like a "What is your Friend Code" Question. Lots of people here on the site have started to use Pokemon Online. I thought this kind of question was kind of neccessary (plus perhaps it can fill the "Popular Questions" section which only has the Friend-Code question at the moment.) So here you post your username on Pokemon Online.

asked May 14, 2011 by trachy
edited Apr 6, 2014 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Where can you make a PO account?   
l've never tried it, and l'd like to see how it works.  
Can someone give me a link?
thanks for editing in taht, Ninja
Wait, the title says you can post your Showdown username, but I only see posts for PO.

62 Answers

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Mine is either pushpaa, Dratios, keknea, or not a legit person. I have a lot of alts.

answered Feb 15 by Radicool21
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On Pokemon Showdown I am known as:
Fr ntier B-Frog (since the league i was in has evaporated i probably won't be this)

answered Feb 16 by Jeremiah Bullfrog