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The Pokemon Database Showdown Server!

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DB Server Link

The rules on the server are almost identical to the DB Chat Room's rules.

Swearing isn't allowed if it becomes aggressive or is intrusive against any user.


Similar to the Database, we have ranks. These ranks are assigned based on activity and contribution both on the server and on the database. So the current staff is made up of mainly Expert+; though there are some exceptions of people that are very active and contribute highly to the server.

How do I get promoted from a regular user to Voice?

Being voiced marks you as a particularly good user. It grants you a position at the top of the userlist, the ability to talk in moderated chat, and shows that you are a respected and helpful chat member. While obeying the following will not guarantee you voice status, it's a good start and will certainly improve your image in the staff team's eyes.

~ Smogons Showdown staff FAQ

As said before, people are promoted based on their contribution and activity. So if you spend a lot of time on the server and make positive contributions to the chat, then you have a good chance of being promoted. We only promote if we NEED someone. So don't ask to get user promoted if we don't need one. When we do, it will usually be from % to @.

What can staff do?

  • + Voice - They can use ! commands such as !groups, and talk during moderated chat. Also can start and end tournaments.

  • % Driver - The above, and they can also mute users and un-mute users.

  • @ Moderator - The above, and they can ban users and check for alts.

  • & Leader - The above, they can permaban and get italicized names.

  • ~ Administrator - They can do anything.

The current staff:

  • ~ Nindzya, Ninja-Sensei, Kawaii Nindzya
  • ~ PokemasterDB
  • ~ Scizornician, Sciz
  • & MudoTyphlosion
  • & Holy Mike*, Psychic x, Shining Yin
  • & Manaphy :3, variations of Mewderator, TestingAlt123
  • @ Aeternis, Judex, The Legislator, Hélix
  • @ InfiniteAffinities, Lenub
  • @ InSylveonWeTrust, PimpNubz
  • % Catnipz, Kazemon, Yoga Catz
  • % Hotcakes, Cap'n Toad
  • % KnightofDragon, Mazu, Sempiternus
  • + CWegz
  • + Flafman, Old MacFlafpert
  • + MrKijani
  • + Poke'slash
  • + xFizz~

Reporting Users

Answer here, give screenshot. If you cannot give screenshot, add some backers and have them do it. Catnipz is great at screenshots, you can ask her.

Any reports will be addressed by staff.

Our DJ Playlist! ~

I set up a plug.dj for the server so you can listen to music whilst battling. You can suggest songs whilst sitting back and enjoying the music. It has standalone rules:

  • No spam wooting for points
  • No crappy NateWantsToBattleMusic
  • No Gliscurr's song (Yehehe)

Link: http://plug.dj/pokemondb-server/


Store (Currently broken)

We have a neat little shop full of nifty features! In any tournament with 4+ users, you can earn store points. Store points can be spent on a variety of little features that suit you nicely. The commands are:

  • /atm [user] ~ Shows the balance of whoever.
  • /shop ~ Shows the shop.
  • buy [command] ~ buys said command.
  • Other commands are shown when you buy something.

How to earn store points: In the Tournaments room, we hold tournaments quite often. If you win a tournament with 4 or more participants, you win a point! You can win more in large tournaments.

Useful Links:

DB Server command suggestion thread
Pokemon DB server update thread
Is swearing allowed on the DB server?

Scizbot v2

The current Scizbot is more reliable than the previous one, thankfully. It also has the ability to battle in any tier (excluding Triple battles). To do so you will have to challenge it directly and it should accept. If it fails to accept then you are most likely challenging it in a tier that the bot hasn't set itself up to. In that case you must then challenge it a second time in the same tier and it will either copy your team or use a team stored within it.

If you have any problems with the bot or have found any issues with the battling AI, please contact Sciz.


Other Metagames

Since Smogon failed to stabilize tiers quickly, we have some fun metagames to play! Check them out!

OM of the Month is Mediocre Mons. Very fun.

Almost Any Ability
Alphabet Cup
Physical Special Swap
Triple Battles
Random Triple Battles

Upcoming metas:

Six Move Battling

Vote on a Meta: http://strawpoll.me/1972178
Trick Room Mons
WindMons (At the end of a turn, mons are switched out)
TaggedMons (Shadow Tag is active - no switching)

asked Feb 13, 2013 by Scizornician
edited 3 days ago by Kawaii Terlor
NateWantstobattle Music isn't Crappy ;-;
Anyway, without the swearing, the server isn't what it used to be......
Wait, you can battle scizbot? I thought scizbot was a thing that stopped swearing and spamming?
It used to be, but now it's a user that we can battle.
this just happened.

2 Answers

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DB Server FAQ

Question 1: What's an FAQ, Sciz?

An FAQ is somewhere where I and the rest of the moderation team will answer the most asked answers to do with the server.

Question 2: Sciz, can you restart the server?

No, no I can't. I don't own the VPS nor do I host it. That is down to PM.

Question 3: How can I get a promotions?

I'm going to be honest here and say that someone asking this question will be unlikely to get promoted as we are full for staff at the moment. But here you go: Staff FAQ. We also work on how active you are on both the site and server so mainly Experts (+) get promoted.

Question 4: Can I suggest commands for the server?

Of course you can, here let your juices flow.

Question 5: Why was I banned?

Can you not answer that yourself? If not ask one of us on our walls on the DB. Here's mine.

Question 6: Sciz y do u r sak?

"Baby I was born this way!" ~ Lady Gaga

Mods, if you feel there's anything else that needs adding to this then please do add it. Just follow the format please to avoid confusion. Thanks!

answered May 12 by Scizornician
edited Aug 10 by Scizornician
/help has like a third of all the commands, it missing some like /learn , /dexsearch etc.
Add one for custom made commands, or post some kind of update-able paste bin or something
You should remove/edit question 6.
But the question was...
...born this way.
Indie plz. look at the revisions.
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Make a room called "Scizbot command center".

Now that Scizbot has these cool new commands:

enter image description here

I thought we should have a room where users can use the open commands and Drivers+ can use .leave etc, without spamming the lobby.

Just a thought, i see how this could go wrong.

answered 4 days ago by Kawaii Terlor
The deed has been done. The room name is Scizbot's abode.