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DB Server Command suggestion thread.

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Here you can post what commands you would like to see on the Db server to make the server feel more communal.
For example here is how you answer should look.

How about a command that when typed changes your username colour?
It would work by the user typing:
Which gives the user a link to a name changing site.

Don't suggest this because I'm planning on making the script for it. Feel free to suggest personal commands and they will be taken into consideration. Happy suggesting!

asked Aug 1, 2013 by Scizornician
edited Aug 3, 2013 by Scizornician
Make both /color and /colour do the same thing perhaps?
There needs to be a /trachy. But I can't figure out what it should do. Any suggestions?
Well for one, there is only one way you can change your user name color and that's by Unicode. There is no form of JavaScript that can change it currently. They use the differing colors to make impersonation harder to do. Furthermore, you can have /colour and /color do the same thing. There are already many commands that do that now.
/trachy - makes trachy appear. Or it could make all of your words come out in reverse order like a drunk trachy
Bumpity bump bump.

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Teambuilding would be easier if we had something to tell us weaknesses and resistances. Perhaps we can implement something like this:

/weakness mew -> Ghost, Dark, Bug

/resist mew -> Fighting, Psychic

And maybe you can do something like this, if its not too much:

/weakness mew, celebi, manaphy, victini, jirachi, shaymin

 Dark                 Mew, Celebi, Victini
 Ghost                Mew, Celebi, Victini
 Grass                Manaphy
 Electric             Manaphy
 Fire                 Shaymin, Jirachi, Celebi
 Ice                  Shaymin, Celebi
 Water                Victini
 Rock                 Victini
 Ground               Victini, Jirachi
 Poison               Shaymin, Celebi
 Bug                  Mew, Celebi, Shaymin
 Flying               Celebi, Shaymin

And /resist mew, celebi, manaphy, victini, jirachi, shaymin

 Normal               Jirachi
 Fighting             Mew, Celebi, Victini
 Psychic              Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Victini
 Dark                 Mew, Celebi, Victini
 Grass                Celebi, Shaymin, Jirachi, Victini     
 Electric             Shaymin, Celebi
 Fire                 Manaphy, Victini
 Ice                  Manaphy, Victini, Jirachi
 Water                Manaphy, Celebi, Shaymin
 Steel                Manaphy, Victini, Jirachi  
 Rock                 Jirachi
 Ground               Shaymin, Celebi
 Dragon               Jirachi
 Poison               Jirachi
 Flying               Jirachi
answered Aug 2, 2013 by Mewderator
5 votes

Tier, So you type /Tier Umbreon then it will tell you that Umbreon is in the UU tier.

answered Aug 1, 2013 by EeveeLotion :3
5 votes

Well, sometimes when there's al ot of users on the Server and you have bad eye sight like me, or when the user you desire is in another section outside the lobby, they may be hard to find. My suggestion:

/Find ______ or /Locate_______

If the user is in your current section, the challenge/chat option appears, and if their in another, that section is opened. This would be kinda cool and perhaps make things flow a little easier, so yeah. Thanks for reading Pokebase.

Also /Brokemon ________________ or **/Brotadimizer3000_____________

Gives you the Bro version of the entered pokemon


/Articuno: Articunbro
/Lotad: Brotad

answered Aug 4, 2013 by Ludicobro
edited Sep 16, 2013 by Ludicobro
/whois username tells you if they are online and what rooms they are in. To find them on a long user list hold Ctrl + F
:D thats a great idea
Well I learned something today/ Thanks Sciz.
That's ok.
4 votes

Well its not needed but something that can give us a little fun from time to time can be something like the /poof on Amethyst where when you type it you leave the server with a little message. If people abuse it and just do it then log back on and off using it we can just punish them. Just an idea.

answered Aug 2, 2013 by Pokenubz
4 votes

Dunno if it's a command as such but is it possible for us to have custom avatars? Or does the admin have to do that?

Also, it'd be pretty cool if when we bring up say /data scizor or something like that we could have links to our page on that Pokemon. That'd be sweet and very useful.

And simple stuff like just creating commands to link you to certain pages or threads on the DB. Like /Homepage would bring you here, /movedex would bring you here and /league would bring you here. It'll be a much simpler and quicker way of linking and moving around to pages here.

Last one (for now) could be /sitetours or something, just to tell if you if any DB tounries ar going on atm.

Oh, lol just a quickie, maybe a command bringing up the staff list.

Right that actually is it for now. Thanks ;3

answered Aug 2, 2013 by Stay_Silent
That top bit would be cool
4 votes


If you approve ,trachy, the command above will act like /me on Showdown but the users name will be replaced by 'trachy'.


[Scizornician types: /trachy uses his ban hammer]

  • trachy uses his ban hammer

Ofcourse we can either enforce Moderators and above have access to this command only. Or an 'on or off' switch is added and all users can use it.

answered Aug 2, 2013 by Scizornician
edited Aug 2, 2013 by Scizornician
Make sure Mew doesn't have access to this, only God knows the consequences of that :3
It's completely up to trach lol
What the hell would I do with that?
3 votes

/Poke'slash, gives you full info on my awesomeness.
JK, how about /highest (any stat), (tier)?
So, like, I type /highest speed, UU and it gives me the Pokemon(s) in UU with the highest Spd stat. Useful for teambuilding.

answered Aug 1, 2013 by Poke'slash
/highest person on DB
Pic of my smiling face.
LOL no. /drunkest user gets your face.
/mostannoyingest is me =D or maybe raph...
Most noobiest user
3 votes

I might be taking ideas from other people cuz I din't look yet o3o
/flee - enter image description here That, but it kicks you from the server.

/poof - enter image description here if you don't know this command then you live under a rock.

/ping - pong.

/pm enable/disable - Toggle receiving PMs from other people

/pet [insert user] - Like that, but without italics.

/duel [insert user] - Yeah, this is what it looks like. Preferably centered, but it's debatable.

/duel accept - If you want to accept a duel, then use this command. Only the challenged user can use this command.

Sorry about the off center examples, its just how the show up.

answered Mar 3 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
The loser in a duel gets a too bad punishment. Make it 15-45 mins. Make it so the challenger can choose the tier. But anyway, good post, +1.
15-45 minutes is hella lot. I think 2 minutes is just fine, because its just a game after all. It could still be anything, though.
2 votes

It would be good to have a command called /edit to edit the last post you made. For e.g.

FuryBlazer: Peekachu smails liek mi vawmit

No need to use *Pikachu to correct your mistake. The idea I have for this is to after you type /edit,
the last post appears in yellow and you can edit it.

Hopeit was a gud idea :)

*Hope it was a good idea xD.

answered Feb 25 by a Magikarp
this is a great idea! But I bet it'd take a while to make.
Yeah, I totally agree.
1 vote

Moar Avatars brah o3o

Put avatars for every single person in the Pokemon game, plus Pokemon is you can. You can find them all here. It will give people a lot more to chose from and it will be really kewl :3

answered Aug 2, 2013 by Flare
edited Sep 16, 2013 by Flare
1.Poll can be "borrowed". Nah everyone can use polls now.
2. Try /tell Scizornician, Hey can we talk
3. Ok.
Showdown already has desktop alerts, you just need to allow it to work.
1 vote

Hai. Though its not a real command it does involve a familiar one. Most us have been on the server and have participated in a poll using the command /vote. Some of us even have had to explain what /vote is to others before.


This is basically what it looks like. You get the title of the poll in big, black letters and the options for what you vote for. Next to the title is the instruction on how to vote in the poll.


This is what it looks like when you hover your mouse over the instructions. It highlights just like that and if you click it, your cursor is placed in the textbox for you to type stuff. Whole lotta good that does, right? I could have just clicked the box myself and begin typing. With that, I figured we should give it a little more going 1 of 2 ways.

  • Idea 1: When clicking the Instruction, your cursor moves into the textbox just like before, but instead it types up /vote OPTION with OPTION highlighted for deletion as soon as you begin typing. Just /vote would be good too, but /vote OPTION might be easier to understand.
  • Idea 2: Instead of link the instruction to the textbox, link the actual options themselves. After doing so, the little message "You are now voting for ___________________________" appears.

Not sure which one is easier to make happen, but I think its all a good idea nonetheless. Thoughts?

answered Jan 24 by Hotcakes
1 vote

This isn't really needed, but I figured that it'd be nice to add.

So you're signed in to an alt account for a really long time. You logout of the alt, then go back to your regular username. What's this? Your alt is stil listed in the user list- a common glitchy effect. It wears off after a little while.. but......

3 users
disallowed text
Smelly JellyFish

/alt Smelly JellyFish
User: Smelly JellyFish
Alt: disallowed text
In rooms: lobby

Alternate user deleted.

2 users
Smelly JellyFish

/alt Smelly JellyFish
User Smelly JellyFish
In rooms: Lobby

/deletealt removes alt from the user list and from your /alt info.. even though deleting your own alt can just assist you with trolling or something..
That's it..

answered Mar 5 by Polite Patamon
0 votes

/website or /forum.

When you type that a banner that says The Pokemon DB website can be found here.

Easy for users visiting the server to see our website without memorizing the URL, not that it's hard.

answered Aug 1, 2013 by Flame.
it was /info before
0 votes

I knowt that Frost has a command that is [/transferbucks, name, amount] to give other people bucks/points and to transfer from account to account. This takes a small load off of our admins, but it's also not a huge issue. I was just suggesting an idea to help give our admins a small break, since I know we're developing our own tiers and such as well.
I'm thinking of ours to be:
/transferpoints (name to whom they're transferred), (amount)

answered Mar 1 by NonePiece
We have this.
We don't, we have to do it manually.
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Here's an idea! I was raking outside and it popped in my head. Type __ [word or phrase here] __ but that is already in use for a diff command on PS. So maybe ___ [word here] ___ or something? Well when you type it, the word or phrase you typed into chat is underlined. So just.. make a command for underline. I have a strange feeling like this is already in use.. but I'm sure it isn't. :/

answered Apr 1 by Polite Patamon
edited Apr 1 by Polite Patamon
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Sciz said to post it here or something. Anyway back to the topic. List of words that need to be unbanned by Scizbot!

Place words below

answered 4 days ago by The Fallen $eraph
Cascoon, Silcoon, Raccoon, Analyze, Analysis
Cucumber. Cofagrigus

If someone says it in a really offensive or spammy way, then moderators can just mute or lock the user as needed.