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Gender: Male
Country: Sweden (Viking Land)
Favorite Pokémon: Shuckle, Gengar, Weavile, Hypno, Mewtwo and Jigglypuff
Friend Codes: If you play Pokemon TCG Online you can add me my name is JoFly.
About me: It's the year 20xx. Everyone plays Fox. It is Evo 20xx and it's finals between Mango Jr. and Mega Mecha Robot m2k.  A fox ditto as never seen before.  It's Fox only at Final Destination without items. Who will win this fight?

It's the year 21xx, the year when all CRT:s are destroyed and we are forced to play on huge 3D screens.

It's the year 22xx and the last original gamecube controller broke. Now we have to play on 3rd party ones while we plan to attack nintendos headquarters and force them to teach us to make original gamecube controllers.

It's the year 23xx when Chudat found an OP  technique with Kirby making he S-tier on the melee tierlist.

It's the year 24xx when the last melee disk broke which forces us to play on homebrewed isos.

It's the year 25xx when everybody's hands hurt too much and Hbox wins evo the next 5 years untill everyone else comes back from the hospital. Jigglypuff doesn't hurt your hands as much.

Rated F for Fox Only

Member of the Crepe Club

With great power comes great responsibility

Did you just lose a match and need some johns?

"My hands are too tired"
"My eyes are tired"
"My controller is almost broken"
"Wtf was that lag?!"
"This tv sucks"
"I didn't even try"
"I didn't even want to win, dork"
"You played <insertcharacterhere> no shit you win"
"I'm rusty"
"The sun is too bright"
"Pure Luck"
"I haven't eaten anything in ages"
"My back hurts"

You lost against an Ice Climbers player?

"Wobbling is easy"
"Aren't you supposed to be climbing mountains?"
"Wobbling should be banned. I would have won EVO if I played Ice Climbers"
"It's a 2v1! So damn unfair!"
"I thought 2v1's were banned..."

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These are the ones il vote for as of now, might be more in the future:
Shovel Knight
Paper Mario
Skull Kid
Apr 12 by Flafpert
Alright, I'll come on sometime.
Mar 22 by Astronautical
I'm down, if we happen to meet up sometime. It's my first team, so don't expect a huge challenge :D
Mar 21 by Astronautical
Huehuehuehue, truuuuueeee :o
Mar 13 by &Psychic x
That Ain't Falco
Mar 12 by &Psychic x
Haio Jofjee.
Mar 9 by ☆Frostily∞Froslass☆
It wasn't as good as The Shining, and I'm not sure if he made the right choice in moving away from the horror genre. But it's still a Stephen King book, and he's an amazing writer. For him it was merely average. Still ends up being better than the best books that some authors can put out.
Mar 7 by trachy
Of course.
Mar 5 by trachy
Thanks man :)
Feb 18 by ƒιzz
No, it was Bruce Wayne.
Feb 5 by Pahff