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Suggestion: add an "authority notes" page. (name is 100% debatable)

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I've noticed mods, editors and experts usually post statement "questions" if they want to let people know about a specific rule, tournament or event(this, this and this are all good examples) so maybe we can have a page or section for users with enough points (idk lets say expert+) to post statements or announcements on.

EDIT: maybe this could be a part of the forums people have been talking about.

asked Apr 30 by Sir Terlor
edited May 12 by Sir Terlor
I like this.
Indeed, seems like a good idea.

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Ideally, these types of posts would be rephrased as questions. The asker can answer the question themselves.

For example, the question...

Answering questions that have a Best Answer

Could be written as...

Can I answer a question that has a Best Answer?

Then the content of the question would be an answer instead.

answered Jun 4 by Pokemaster
selected Jun 4 by Sir Terlor
what about tournament? should they be "Do you want to join this tournament?" because that doesnt sound right...