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You can still answer a question with a best answer.

You can even necro-answer.

However, that does not mean you can restate what is already said. You need to add something.

Taken from when I was a lazy scrub who didn't put effort in his answers

a friend code is what you use to give to people so you can trade and battle with them from long distances or short distances. you get it by looking in your pal pad. the pal pad is where you register someones friend code and see your to give to others. the pal pad can be found in a shop. in D/P/Pt you can also steal flags underground

This is outdated and can be expanded on.

Bad Example 1

This is a bad answer because it does not add anything that the previous answer-er did not state. Just because a new generation is out, unless the change is drastic, doesn't mean filling in the new gen is adding. That is better suited as a comment.

Bad Example 2

This is a bad answer because it doesn't add any important information, and rewords what it already stated. Also, useless markdown is useless.

Good Example

This is a good answer because it clearly explains what an FC is and how it works.

Refresh Answers

Unfortunately, Java isn't at the point where things can just refresh automatically with Markdown. So let's say a question was asked about a minute ago, and you spend some time answering it. People answer questions fast, so it doesn't matter if you say the same thing really, unless it is like a 10 minute difference. So yeah, whichever answer makes the asker happier gets the BA. Doesn't mean you have to hide your answer. Longer answers has a varied time span. If you find a question that was asked 15 minutes ago and has a best answer, follow the rules of necro-answering. If the answer is wrong, throw in the right one and downvote the wrong answer. (Don't flag it.)

So yeah, hope I got my point across. A ton of people were unhappy with the BA system, but were simply misinformed. There you go! If you have any questions or concerns regarding necro-answering, or just want to add something, go ahead and comment. I'll fill you in and probably edit this.

What is necro-answering? I have absolutely no clue what that term is.
necro-posting is posting on an old answer, or question  that has already been answered. For example, if this post was 6 months old, we'd both be necro-posting right now. It can be a little annoying if the person adds nothing to the topic.
The term originates from necro-posting on forums, which is essentially reviving a really old thread (or in our case, question), such as a Necromancer does reviving the dead.
lf you post an answer on a really old question its BUMPing it back up to the top of Recent Activity page.
Wow I searched about Necromancer and I just want to die really....
So, do we need to answer this question,or is this just a "statement question"? I'm confused.
Its a statement question.

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