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When l ask questions sometimes, and go back to see if anyone answers it, they sometimes already have a 'Best Answer' when l did not select one yet.

ls this just a weird thing that editors can do, or what's up?

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The Editors are able to assign best answer to questions, but we only do it when it's an objective question like, "where do you find EXP share in platinum?" Since there's a definite answer, once someone gives it, the BA is just put there to show that the question is resolved.

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Yep, this is it. We usually wait a few weeks too, to give the OP a chance to choose a best answer.
We won't do it for opinion based questions. However, I usually give the best answer for a question posed by a new member if that new member has acknowledged that one of the answers was best yet didn't give best answer (because people don't seem to know what that star is when they first start out.)