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I see this a lot when I go on the unanswered section, it's not "answered" but there are comments that, when combined, basically make an answer, or are an answer, so there's really no point in answering, because the asker already has the answer, I am wondering what would be a good way to fix this problem, or is it something we'll have to stick with?(This happens with about 50% or more of the "unanswered" questions I see, when I just want to answer someone's question.)

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The first one is just a link as a comment, so I don't count that as answered.  The 2nd one sumwun said why the comment was converted.
First: But he said that he checked them therefore answering the question.
Second: I didn't realize the first comment used to be an answer.
My bad, didn't see that On the first one.

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