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Alright, I'm not sure if this has been suggested before. I think that if you go to your profile, or sign in, idk, SOMEWHERE you can see a notification of someone commenting on your post, or commenting on a post you commented on. I'm thinking this would be best to have as a turn on/off thing on your profile.

Lets say indigo asked a question "How much wood could a Bidoof chuck if a Bidoof could chuck wood?" and I comment (with the "Would you like to get notifications of replies to your posts?" turned on) "I don't know, thirty logs?" Assuming indigo has the setting turned on, indigo would get a notification that I've commented on the question. Then indigo comments again "I thought so, but I wasn't sure." then I get notified that she commented after my answer. We could also make it where comments only notify other commentors when they contain @[user here]
"@Polite Patamon, I thought so, but I wasn't sure."
posted 7 minutes ago by indigo

If there's anything I left out.. just tell me :P

So that's pretty much my idea, I hope you like it :D

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I am flattered to be used as the example. xD

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Currently, you can click "My Updates" in the top right which will show you replies.

But I am also working on a system that lists all replies in a slightly better format.

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