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Most of the time when an answer is converted into a comment it is because the answer did not actually answer the question. This most commonly occurs on The Battle Subway but also occurs in PokeBase on occasion. When this happens the answer is usually flagged, but rarely enough to be hidden, and the answer keeps those flags even after it is converted into a comment. However, as a comment, there is nothing wrong with it and no flags are deserved. If the answer was offensive or broke some other rule and deserved to be flagged it would be hidden, not converted to a comment.

And although it is not urgent, it would be convenient so that when a comment is converted, it says "Converted by so-and-so" I stead of "Edited by so-and-so". I am not sure this is possible but I think it would be helpful.

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But what if it still deserved to be flagged? The person who did flag it would have to automatically know it was converted into a comment and then flag it again? Mods and editors can remove flags so I don't really agreee
Pika, of you had read the last sentence you would know that anything deserving the flags wouldn't be converted into a comment, it would just be hidden.
Also, I would like it if a person just coverts the post and doesn't actually edit it, it actually shows 'converted by ____' instead of 'edited by ____'. Technically we're not editing it.

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I am working on a new flagging system that should solve the first problem.

I don't think it will be possible to change it to say "converted by" though. I don't think this matters.

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