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Maybe when a Q/A is flagged Mods/Editors get a notice and a link on the top of the section. This way we know if something needs to be flagged or if we need to remove flags. I think would be very helpful as things that are flagged do not simply go unnoticed after a couple days.

"Ampharos used signal beam to warn Editors/Mods that there is a flag!"

Also maybe adding the No-repeat answers to the summery for the lazy. I know we already have it in the Writing good answers section but no one looks there:
Or Just keep the rules by the side.

EDIT: Also another one is, if a person has had a certain amount of questions/answers hidden over a short amount of time they are made incapable of asking or answering questions for a day. This way they will come to the chat and ask why and we can help them to learn. Also maybe allowing Editors/Mods to send notices to users who keep asking the same question after we have hidden it so they know why it was hidden and that if they keep re-asking it they will get banned.

Writing good answers

If someone else has already answered the question correctly there is no need to add another answer, unless you can add a lot more information. You can vote up the existing answer to "agree" with it.

Example: Can Color Change change to ghost type?

A(2 hours ago): Color Change can be any type but ???. Yes.
A(2 minutes ago): Yes it can Color Change to ghost type, like color changing shadow punch. Source: Bulbapedia
The second one was a typical, 97% Source 97% Restate, 0.03% part of answer. (Awesome math skills by Ninja)
That trash needs to end.

PB and I had to explain this to a certain newer user last night who thought he could argue rules with Editors. So I think adding it to the summery to the lazy would help well the lazy XD

"Never heard of that rule?"

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Lol that seems cool,For editors/Mods only Happy face ;) but now im said ;(
Well how would it help non Editors and Mods? Well I guess it could get the them to flag it more but it is just easier for just Editors and Mods to do it.
Definitely agree. I normally spend at least 30 minutes scoping through the different sections for trash to hide. A lot of users think putting a source and pictures is adding a lot more info...
Just a heads up, it isn't. Being slightly more specific on a question that was already answered ( especially if it's already BA'd guys.. ) normally isn't a good idea either.

If the person asking is content with their answer, don't add pointless info. I'll give an example like Speed's to demonstrate.

Q - What level does Politoed learn Swagger?

A1(5 months ago) ( like the sauce ) - Level 27. Source: Serebii -
A2(5 seconds ago ) ( uh oh, not saucey ) - He learns that at level 27, bounce at lv 37, and Hyper voice at 48.

While you can see A2 had more material, the question is obviously resolved already.
So guys, don't just add pointless details that make your answer look spiffier and think that it's now OK to re-answer something.

Because here's a heads up. It's not. And guess what? I'll hide them. It's my job.
Another good example. BTW, the first one was mine.
I am just going to start flagging ones that are duplicates so that they are easier to note.

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For the first part, I am planning something similar where questions can be closed with a note why they are against the rules.

For the second part... I thought the rules were clear enough. Unless you can write a much better answer, don't post. If people post about the same time then it doesn't matter, of course.

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