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It's really annoying, even if the post is understandable, has no inappropriate stuff, nor has already been asked and they still flag it, down-vote and hide it.

What the heck? And yet it decreases my points. I had 55 and now I have 14! It's kinda embarrassing how my profile shows how many down-votes I got as well...

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Your points are decreasing because people have downvoted your questions.
i just mention that ._.
The most down votes you have received on a single post is your answer to this question "Choice Band or Swords Dance for Talonflame?" It seems you received 4 down votes on this question, not because of users disliking you but because your answer is partly incorrect. The item you have given Talonflame in your moveset (the Flying Gem), is currently unreleased in Pokémon X and Y, therefore Talonflame cannot use this item unless you're playing in a battle format on Showdown that allows you to use the Flying Gem with Talonflame.

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I highly doubt that the reason you posts are being treated that way is because they don't like you, there's a legitimate reason almost every time.

It's probably just a rule the post broke, it's not just spelling/grammar and that kind of stuff that counts. If you want to know why your post was hidden, remember that you can always post on this thread and someone will get to is ASAP.

Nobody has told you directly that they don't like you, so don't assume that's true!

Sometimes not all the time people see 1 flag and then they flag so someone can flag and hide it for fun
This is 100% not true.
^ What Scraf said. The thing is, 1 or 2 flags don't make a difference. I don't think everyone on DB is a mindless sheep and because they see a single flag, they flag it as well. And even this occurs, Mods can clear the flags or reshow the answer/question if it didn't break any rules.
So can editors, if it was hidden by an editor iirc.
@Scraf: Editors can show stuff mods hid, there's a reshow button on everything Ninja just hid up there.
@ ShyGuy: I'd leave the site if that were true.