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I always go through questions like "can you get this pokemon without trading", and they always have 2 or 3 flags.
I'm thinking that we should be able to know who flagged that person, like when you ask a question or answer a question your username shows up so why can't there be something like that for flagging posts?

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if it was flagged it was flagged for a reason, besides mods can get rid of flags

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SharpShooterWarrior. The reason they were flagged is because a similar question was already asked.

I.e. here: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/54940/evolution-without-trade
Is it possible to evolve a pokemon like kadabra or machoke without trading & on a single pc ?
Answer (by Speed Freak):
There is no why of evolving such Pokemon without trade. Except in Gen IV where you can deposit them in the GTS then do a trade on the GTS and when you take out the Pokemon from the GTS that you deposited it will evolve.

So yeah, it got flagged because it was already asked.

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