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Now I know they might be a bit many, but they are not breaking the rules in any way. They have not been asked before, nor are they vague in any way like some of the team questions that show now. In fact, except for the translation problem (which I will fix tomorrow thnaks to the new version of Pokemon Online which includes English translations) they are the ideal example of a team moveset. Everything that somebody needs to know to help my team is there. All I'm asking for are suggestions for improvement. They really shouldn't be down-voted.

Now then, can I also have people answer them so we don't have things like this happening again? Thanks! :)

If I had to guess at who did the down-voting, I'd have to say:

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Don't worry,I'll vote up all of them.
The person that voted them down may be the guy that complained that your question were taking over the "Unanswered" section.
I AM NOT the one I was in Ajloun when that happed Mr so don't be pointing fingers on me

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I deleted the down votes and it looks like your questions have been answered now :)
I'm not gonna say who it was, but it wasn't hydrigonrocks.