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I just think it would be nice to be able to get rewarded for all the hard work you do answering people's questions.

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It just depends how much time you spend answering stuff... I just have insomnia so it's not like I have anything better to do anyway.
I got 4500 point from answering questions at odd times (I call them "voids", times where only the odd question is asked but no one of high caliber is around to answer it with good quality, so I tend to make some easy points), comparison questions (of which I cba doing anymore) and threads (which i make because they are both fun and interesting, not because for the points). If I spent time answering stuff like most peopel do, rather that just answering randomly, then I could be Expert by this time next week, easy :P.
You have more points than me and you've been on 3 times less time than me how do you think I feel?
I've been here a hell of  lot longer tho. Just before the rise of the nubs. :P
You don't. You would seem grubby and you would only answer for pointless points (if you pardon the pun).
For your info, I always upvote a correct answer if I asked the question, and the answer that helped me the most gets BA as well.

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Normally what occurs (as several users have pointed out in the comments) is a Moderator will select your answer at some point in the future when they feel generous/bored. However sometimes it is not the case, and your hour long, beautifully written answer is never selected as the BA.

It's twenty points. You're likely to get that and more in upvotes alone if it's that good of an answer. So rather than appear point grubby (because even if you ask politely you still end up looking point grubby for asking) and asking for BA, just leave it, and keep answering stuff.

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If you're answer is really that good anyway you'll get an upvote or two so it doesn't matter. :3
The points isn't anything much IMO
The point is to help the askers with answers/comments