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I answer a lot of questions, and I get so annoyed when the person who made the question doesn't select an answer.

What I thought was that if the person who created the question has not selected an answer within a certain period of time whichever answer had the most upvotes would get their answer selected. If all answers have the same amount of upvotes (or didn't get upvoted/downvoted at all) then the question can go to a mod for them to select an answer.
(Each mod could get a set of tags and the tagged question can go to that mod.)

And, if the question owner doesn't want a Best Answer, they can state a reason why. If the staff approve of this, they won't select an answer.

Thoughts? o_o'

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This happens to me a lot too. I have a suspicion that answers from non-experts/staff don't get respect that answers from experts/staff get. I'm sure that this isn't the answer for all these scenarios.

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This is usually not a problem, as Moderators have the power to select answers. The reason why there hasn't been that much selection is most likely due to the inactivity of the Moderators.

I'll go do some selecting now :3

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I guess you have a good point. Completely forgot about the mods ability to select answers. Magical Powers :O