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If you were kicked you can no longer go on chat for a period of 10 minutes. You are able to do everything else on this site that you would normally be able to do. You will get this message when trying to enter the chat.
"Sorry, you have been kicked from chat temporarily. Take a few moments to chill.
The ban expires 10 minutes from now"

When you've been banned you may not do anything on the Pokebase, Meta, RMT, walls, or chat. You will get this message when you try to go on chat.

"Sorry, you are currently unable to post in chat. If you are new, you must confirm your email address."

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Posted this because of the many many many users who get kicked and come back asking "Why was I banned?"
Found the problem:

"The ******ban****** expires 10 minutes from now"

How about changing ban to kick, to cause less confusion?
what about the databse itself? can you access that part of the site if you've been banned?
Yes, Terlor, you can see the site but not post anything

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