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Also, what is wrong with the priveliges on Ayan and Speed Freak?

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I see whats wrong with Speed Freaks but Ayans is Fine :3
I mean Ayan has the stuff for expert, but it says registered user.
No he doesn't. Unless you mean on meta, where you get expert privileges at a lower point value but do not gain the title of expert, which is only given through Pokebase.

You have two different questions btw. Ask separate questions in the future please.
Sorry. I though they would go together as observed that banning has loss of priveliges.

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Only mods can tell if a user is banned. Link us to a profile and we can check for you.

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You don't have to be a mod to know JCM is banned lol and SF just left idek what's wrong with his privileges...(maybe SF was accentdentally banned or he banned himself which I doubt lol)
I miss SF, he was really nice. I once asked him to kick me, so I could see what it was like. LOL.
dets nothing Slash, I got Kyron to ban me yesterday just to see what it was like.
lel i've had poeple ban me from all kinda sites >.>
I can get someone to ban you from this site if you want?