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The Pokemon DB Name Rater! [Official] (page 2)

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UPDATE: this question is now closed. See our new username changing policy for how to change your username.

If you wish to have your username changed, you've come to the right place! Just post an answer requesting your desired name and it'll be changed. Please note however, that Pokemaster will not change it constantly, so think before you change. If Pokemaster denies your change, he will post a comment explaining why. Thanks to J98 and DT for helping with this.

Some guidelines:

  • Please put your current name as well so that others can see who's changed names recently. For example "Can I change my name from Pokemaster to UberPokemaster?"
  • Answers will get hidden a week or so after the name is changed.
  • Usernames are limited to 20 characters (including spaces and punctuation).
  • Any normal characters are allowed in usernames except for these 3: @ + /
  • Misleading/invisible characters like hidden spaces or soft hyphens are not allowed.
  • Usernames may not contain "Pokemaster" to avoid confusion, nor contain swear words.
  • If a user has a username you would like, you may "seize" it, as long as that user has no activity and registered more than 6 months ago.
  • You must keep your username for at least 3 months, so think before you change it. *
  • To make this easy for Pokemaster, please keep all fonts regular, and bold the name change.

Since so many people apparently can't count 3 months, here's a hint: if you change your username 15th January you cannot change it again until 15th April. If you changed 15th November it lasts until 15th February. I recommend you make a note in your profile when you can change. Or just choose a good name and stick with it ;)

asked Sep 30, 2011 by Skyn3t0
edited Apr 6, 2014 by Scraf
i forgot when i can get a name change...I'll wait a little longer, prolly 'til the end of da month then change.
I have a question about an user. My friend ZeikGeit LetsPlays can change its name when he want to change it. My q is why can he do that en the other people not?
Trachy, this was reopened? Why is that?
xD checked back in after years, and this is still the most voted question on meta. :D
Yes but still no 800 points.


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