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Any suggestions for this D&P Legends Fire TCG Deck?

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Only cards from Majestic Dawn, Legends Awakened, Stormfront, and Platinum are allowed. However, Energy from previous sets are also allowed.

Pokemon: 21

x3 Torchic (Platinum)-A 60 HP basic. Fire Shard can do 20 damage for one energy. Or it can do 80 damage if I used Focus Energy (a zero energy attack) the turn before. Needed for evolution.
x2 Combusken (Platinum)-Firebreathing can do 40 damage for two energy and Hi Jump Kick is a three for 60 attack. Needed for evolution.
x1 Blaziken (Platinum)-130 HP. Fire Breath burns the foe. Clutch is a good two for 40 that prevents the foe from retreating. Fire Spin is a three for 100. Energy discarded can be recovered by Heatran.
x3 Chimchar (Lv. 7) (MD)-Pretty much can't be paralyzed and Fury Swipes can do 30 damage for one energy.
x2 Monferno (Platinum)-Has a one for 40 attack. Discarded energy can just be recovered with Heatran. No retreat cost. Needed for evolution.
x1 Infernape (Platinum)-Rushing Flames is great. I discard as many energy as I want (two of which can be recovered by Heatran) then flip as many coins as the energy discard, doing 80 damage times the number of heads. Rage is a powerful two for 30 that does 10 more damage for each damage counter on Infernape, meaning it can do up to 130 damage. Add on no retreat cost and this is an excellent Pokemon.
x2 Vulpix (Lv. 20) (Platinum)-A 60 HP basic. Find Wildfire is a zero energy attack that lets me search my deck for two energy and put them into my hand. Brushfire is a one for 10 that is really helpful against Grass decks as it does 10 damage to each of my foe's benched Grass Pokemon. Needed for evolution.
x1 Ninetales (Platinum)-Flame Bash is a flip a coin until I get tails attack for zero energy. For each heads I search my deck for an energy and attach them in any way I like to my Pokemon. This can easily charge up my Pokemon, especially Infernape. And Mysterious Flames is a good two for 40 that can Burn and Confuse. Also has no retreat cost.
x2 Eevee (Lv. 12) (MD)-A 60 HP basic with a zero for 10 attack. Needed for evolution.
x1 Flareon (MD)-Fire Fang is a one for 30 that can burn. Kindle is a great three for 70 attack. I discard an energy from Flareon (can be recovered by Heatran) and my opponent has to discard an energy on their Pokemon.
x2 Heatran (LV. 47) (LA)-A 100 HP basic. It has a four for 40 that can do 20 more damage for every energy I discard from Heatran. However, Heatran will mainly be on my bench.
x1 Heatran Lv. X (Stormfront)-Adds on 20 HP to Heatran. Now my opponent is unable to remove the burn condition through evolutionary means and the burn always damages the opponent. Great since all but Infernape as a final evolution can burn in this deck. Heat Wave is also great as it allows me to recover up to two energy discarded through attacks.

Trainers: 16

x4 Warp Point (MD)-A Switch and Gust of Wind in one card.
x4 Buck's Training (LA)-Drawing and a Pluspower effect.
x4 Poke Drawer + (Stormfront)-Drawing or gets me cards I need.
x4 Poke Healer + (Stormfront)-Healing and removal of Special Conditions.

Energy: 23

x23 Fire Energy-Needed.

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