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Any suggestions for this D&P Legends Colorless TCG Deck?

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Only cards from Majestic Dawn, Legends Awakened, Stormfront, and Platinum are allowed. However, Energy from previous sets are also allowed. Also allowed are any cards in the Garchomp and Porygon-Z line between DiamondAndPearl and Platinum.

Pokemon: 22

x4 Spearow (MD)-Resistance to Fighting. Needed for evolution.
x3 Fearow (MD)-Fury Attack can do 60 damage for one energy. Drill Peck is a more reliable means of doing 60 damage, albiet for three energy. Also has Fighting resistance and no retreat cost.
x4 Swablu (Lv. 16) (Platinum)-Roost heals Swablu by four damage counters for no energy. Mirror Move can do up to 40 damage for one energy. Or I can use Fury Swipes, which can do 30 damage for one energy, using this if I didn't take any damage from my opponent and so can't use Mirror Move. Also has Fighting resistance. Needed for evolution.
x3 Altaria (Platinum)-Midnight Eyes is a one for 20 that puts the foe to sleep. If the foe is still asleep by my next turn, I can use Perish Song and KO them. Altaria also has a two for 40 that removes one damage counter from each of my Pokemon. Also has Fighting resistance.
x4 Miltank (Stormfront)-A 70 HP basic. In the spirit of Kangaskhan it can draw cards for me. Or use Energy Milk, which is an excellent one energy attack that has me flip coins until I get tails then heals one Pokemon by two damage counters times each heads. Stomp can do 40 damage for two energy.
x4 Zangoose (Platinum)-An 80 HP basic that can't be affected by Special Conditions. Invitee and Strike is a good one for 20 Gust of Wind attack. Chop Up is a three for 50 that does 10 damage to each of my opponent's benched Pokemon with damage counters on them.

Trainers: 16

x4 Buck's Training (LA)-Drawing and a Pluspower effect.
x4 Marley's Request (Stormfront)-An Item Finder.
x4 Poke Blower + (Stormfront)-To either damage my foe or have a Gust of Wind effect.
x4 Poke Drawer + (Stormfront)-Drawing or getting cards.

Energy: 22

x4 Double Colorless Energy (Base)-Two energy.
x4 Recycle Energy (Neo Genesis)-Infinite energy. Mainly for use with retreating.
x4 Heal Energy (Deoxys)-Energy that heals and removes Special Conditions.
x4 Health Energy (Majestic Dawn)-Energy that heals.
x4 Recover Energy (Majestic Dawn)-Energy that removes Special Conditions.
x2 Call Energy (Majestic Dawn)-Energy that can be used as a psuedo-attack to get me basics.

asked Apr 22, 2012 by trachy
edited Apr 22, 2012 by Mewderator

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