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Favorite Pokémon: Crobat, obviously, followed up by Honchkrow, Turtwig, Hitmonlee, Phanpy, Sceptile, Infernape, Gengar, Houndoom, and the bee Pokemon (Vespiquen and Beedrill, except Combee annoys me)
Friend Codes: Gen VI:  0146-9435-5223
My safari is Poison-type and I have Toxicroak, something else I don't remember, and Kakuna.
About me: I am a follower of Christ Jesus.  I value my faith over anything else.  That doesn't mean I'm going to be perfect-- I will make mistakes, so I apologize in advance. I'm just a sinner with grace on me.  I wear combat boots, play the saxophone, write poetry, and think.

I graduated from apprenticeship under my sensei, MrKijani, on Feb 2 of 2014!  Thanks, Sensei! :3

"Para Republica Dominicana: Pasitos de Jesus": June 2014

This translates, "For the Dominican Republic: Footsteps of Jesus"! My youth group takes a mission trip to the Dominican Republic every other summer. This will be my second time going, and the first time was a beautiful experience-- the love of God extends across oceans, and the borders of nations cannot contain it. Language barriers also cannot prevent God's love from manifesting itself. This year, an international evangelist whom we have a relationship with visited our church and informed us of a situation with a girls' orphanage in the Dominican, on behalf of an international ministry organization which our church operates in conjunction with. He explained that thirty-two orphaned girls had been living in a two-bedroom house with their caretaker. Many of these girls have been rescued from roaming the streets, abusive situations, or sex trafficking, a sadly prominent problem in the DR. Through many outstretched hands and the help of other groups like us, sufficient funding had been met to put the girls in a beautiful new home and fill it with beds and the necessary appliances. Now that the girls had sufficient living accommodations, funds were needed to support the girls' education. We knew that this was how we were called to serve in the Dominican this year. That's where our youth group comes in.

We agreed to raise $5,000 to be donated to the girls' home as enough funds to support their education for a year! The total cost of airfare and lodging for our mission team adds up to about $30,000. Our church has been fundraising with T-shirt sales, barbecue, and we also have a 5K run upcoming soon, which we expect a big turnout for. The rest of the church has been steadfast in helping our youth in this effort, and we are well on our way to achieving our funding goals. We believe that the Lord will provide, just as he always has. I ask my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ here on the Database to pray for our missions effort, so that God will be glorified by our efforts. Specifically, please pray first for the orphan girls and their caretaker, and for the revelation of the love and mercy of Christ to each one of them personally. Please also pray for the efforts of this international missions organization which our church is involved with. Please pray for our friend the evangelist, and please pray for the Dominican Republic as a whole. Pray that churches would be planted and crime rates and sex trafficking would be reduced. Please put our missions effort on the prayer lists of your churches, because the power of prayer cannot be undermined.

For those of you who read the RMT: Each Pokemon on the team has special significance! Read up on that below.


 - First and foremost, Rotom is a washing machine, so it symbolizes being washed in the love and mercy of Christ (you can call it corny, but it works). Also, it reminds us that not everyone has access to the things citizens of first-world countries do-- e.g., clean clothes and water (or the computer you're viewing this with, at that).


- What do you think of when you see Sylveon, or most other Fairies? Don't most of them portray the innocence of a young girl? Complete with pink ribbons and shining eyes, Sylveon reminds me of the inner princess that we hope to show these girls that they possess. When the King of kings is your loving spiritual father, you have every right to call yourself a princess.

Mega Aggron:

- He is a fortress. This reminds us that we can confide in the unfailing love of Christ, even in this seemingly hopeless modern age of strife and conflict. Although Jews and Christians are perhaps the most persecuted groups in history, no opposing political or cultural power has managed to stomp out the fire of God-- which we will visit in our next slot on the team.


- As we mentioned before, he represents the fires of God, spreading wildly, infiltrating impassioned souls on a worldwide scale. God manifests himself in diverse ways, with Infernape's set in accordance to this, achieving broad coverage. (Note, the Dominican Republic is also very hot.)


- Well, he looks just like a jet plane, which one must board to go overseas. The first time I went to the Dominican, I cried on the plane to Miami because I was so terrified of heights. For me, Latios represents God giving me strength to overcome my fears so that he can be glorified.


- Scarfchomp represents the Dominican effort because it reflects the steadfastness of God's people in doing his work. Not much can outspeed Scarfchomp, and it has access to the coverage to efficiently handle a lot of things. This reminds me of how Christians of different nationalities and ethnicities come together to work busily toward the common goal of giving glory to God and ministering to the people and to each other.

I hope you guys enjoyed the team, but more importantly I hope that you appreciate the cause. Fellow Christians, please be faithful in prayer for our efforts. For those of you who are non-religious or are of a different faith than mine, please understand that it's still okay to support this humanitarian work. Thank you all for reading and please let me know what you think of the team!

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listen to JCM :P
But seriously, the DBPL is a great expierence and we would love to have you join ^-^
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All of you, please. Kenzie and I have talked. You may keep your religion in your profile. Simple.
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