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How to get a rotom wash?

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I have an ordinary rotom so how do I get a rotom wash?

asked Feb 5 by ☠ĐarkĦeart☠

2 Answers

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Go to Professor Sycamore's Lab, and in the 2nd Floor, there will be these boxes, press A and Rotom would want to interact with them, thus changing the forme of Rotom.

answered Feb 5 by &Shining Yin
selected Feb 5 by ☠ĐarkĦeart☠
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You have to go to the Prof's lab in Lumiose City and go to the second floor to find these boxes which Rotom will go into, which will change Rotom's form.

Here is a video that explains how to get all the Rotom forms


answered Feb 5 by Torterra02
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