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What are some of the best move combos in Pokemon you have found?

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I breed pokemon in the game and am pretty good at IVs and EVs and such. I have thought of a few good tactics, such as

  • Safe Guard and Outrage/Petal Dance/Thrash (avoids confusion ailment)
  • Mimic and Imprison (permanent Disables last move)
  • Swagger/Flatter and Psych Up/Haze (either gives you upped stats or resets theirs)
  • Defense Curl followed by Roll Out (makes roll out stronger)
  • Rain Dance and Thunder (Thunder never misses)
  • Belly Drum and Rest (works best with a chesto berry. Maximizes attack)
  • Sunny Day and Solar Beam (solar beam no longer needs to charge)
  • Endure and Flail/Reversal (makes the attack moves really strong compared to normal)

What are some of the best move combos that you have found so far? :D
Explain your choices, and why they make good combos.

Please read all the answers before posting, to avoid duplicate answers. Yes, all 100+ of them.

And no full on movesets either, there are separate questions for that :-)

asked Apr 28, 2010 by uberchrisp
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One more flaw is if the move is like rock blast or ice shard and can break sturdy.
That is true.
We already have that combo listed.
Oh. Thanks. (So it *is* a "combo"!)
Wow I never thought this would pass 110...

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One of my favorite troll techniques, the following works very well for sweeping teams, and will almost always make your opponent feel stupid.

Zoroark/Life Orb

EVs: 252 special attack, 252 speed, 4 HP
Nature: timid
Ability: illusion
Nasty plot (boosts for sweeping)
Dark pulse (STAB, more reliable than night daze)
Focus blast
Hidden power ice (coverage)

The trick here is that you set up your team so that zoroark will be disguised as a Toxicroak, which is pretty much the perfect pokemon for zoroark to look like. With toxicroak's 4X weakness to psychic, and zoroark's immunity to it, you are often able to set up with nasty plot and use dark pulse to belt the fool who switched in with a psychic type. Also, HP ice covers all of toxicroak's non-psychic weaknesses, effectively murdering anything that switches in on zoroark for what they believe is a type advantage. One more thing that makes this strategy ruthless is that Toxicroak can learn all of the moves in this set, leaving less suspicion as to whether it is an actual Toxicroak.

answered Aug 29, 2012 by |SentByRavens|
edited Aug 29, 2012 by |SentByRavens|
Dude, that's a Toxicroak.......
You already have one person fooled it seems. XD
Haha i guess so. XD
it's sarcasm........
Suuuuure it is
I am with Ben. You got fooled XD
Giggity giggity giggity
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this one only works for a limited amount of pokemon but is very deadly.

meanlook + hypnosis + nightmare + punishment (punishment is to finish them. it is even better with darkrai!)

answered Jun 2, 2011 by Nindzya
edited Jun 20, 2011 by Nindzya
Why Punishment?
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Rather annoying i must say commonly people switch out when affected by yawn but also setting up rocks they have a though choice :D

answered Aug 26, 2011 by Tysonyoshi
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This is one i like to use you will need a Pokemon with encore though and it has to unaffected the opponents Pokemon that's out in the field, first pokemon needs a focus slash/Ability to allow it to survive/or it being able to survive the first hit, a move to keep the Pokemon in or a ability works too.

step 1:Start the battle and send out a Pokemon that has a weakness against the opponents Pokemon make sure it has a focus slash or a ability that can let it survive or that it can survive on its on.(if the first Pokemon has mean look or anything like that you can use that and skip step 4)

step 2: Switch to the Pokemon that has encore after the first hit and use it.(make sure it can unaffected by the move,not the Pokemon or they will switch,It also has to be faster than the other Pokemon so it cant use a different move).

Step 3:Use encore.

Step 4:Use move to keep Pokemon in(or a ability that keeps them in works too).

Step 5:Have fun making them mad

answered Nov 20, 2011 by Pokenubz
Ragequit strategy! Nice!
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Have 2 Pokemon with Flash Fire (Heatran) use Lava Plume in a Double Battle.

answered Nov 20, 2011 by Mewderator
Lol I love this combo!
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Super fang + Brine. Works best in hail/sandstorm or with any residual damage(e.g. burn/fire spin...)

Those that can learn: Carvanha, Sharpedo, Spheal, Sealeo, Walrein, Relicanth, Mew.
Best candidates: Mew, Walrein.

answered Jan 29, 2012 by Pwnyta
edited Aug 29, 2012 by Pokemaster
Don't forget about smeargle
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I couldn't find this one in this list......

Flying Type Pokemon + Flying Gem + Acrobatics

= STAB + 50% extra power + Base 110 damage(flying gem activates before the actual attack)

= 1.5 X 1.5 X 110 = :D

But, if I'm wrong about the fact that this wasn't in the list,please comment.....

answered Jan 30, 2012 by ~Infinity
My Mienshao uses this, and he gets a power of 165 (No STAB), so with STAB, its 248 (if the math is correct.)
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How about Lagging Tail+Payback/Avalanche/Revenge? Or Agility and Electro Ball?

answered Jan 30, 2012 by omg698
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This could be good for lower tier double battles.
Have one Pokemon such as charizard with belly drum and max speed.
Then have another polemon with follow me holding focus sash
That gives Bellyzard a chance to use belly drum then use a powerfully move next turn without the chance of being killed the first turn unless the foes quiker.
Then Bellyzard uses moves such as earthquake paired up with a flying or levitating Pokemon.

These two could work alright i would recomend if using this strat to have maybe two follow me pokemon one for setup and one such as Togekiss that can support charizard on low health as well as dodge its earthquakes.
Other pokemon work well.

answered Mar 15, 2012 by Blobyolo
edited Mar 15, 2012 by Blobyolo
pokemon not polemon
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Double Battle Strategy:
Use This With A Poke'mon That Knows Spite.
Use This With A Poke'mon That Knows Trump
Card. Ok So First Use Trump Card And After
Use Spite, Spite Will Lower The PP To Make
It Stronger And It Should Reach A Power
In The Range Of: 8O Which Is A Mostly
Double Battle Strategy AND, My
Best Candidates Are:

For Spite:


For Trump Card:


Hope I Helped! :)

answered May 25, 2012 by Overload
edited May 26, 2012 by Overload
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OK, this is pretty ballsy, but i think it could be fun.
This is a Double Battle Strategy!!

First, you get Exeggutor with Harvest & then your choice of Groudon or Ninetales(Drought).


Exeggutor (M) @ Focus Sash
Trait: Harvest
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SDef
Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)

- Skill Swap
- SolarBeam
- Stun Spore
- Psychic

Ninetales (M) @ Custap Berry
Trait: Drought
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
IVs: 0 HP 0 Def 0 SpDef
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)

- Endure
- Dark Pulse
- Flamethrower
- SolarBeam

Groudon @ Custap Berry
Trait: Drought
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd
IVs: 0 HP 0 Def 0 SpDef
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

- Endure
- Hammer Arm
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake

So here is what you do:

You send out Exeggutor and, for now, Ninetales. Ninetales uses Endure while Exeggutor uses Skill Swap on Ninetales(weather is already set up, so it won't matter.) Now, Ninetales has Harvest. Most likely, people want to take out weather leads, so it is knocked down to 1 HP or whatever as long as it is below 25%. Exeggutor is done. Now, next turn, Ninetales' Custap Berry will activate allowing it to go first. With Harvest, it will get the berry back every turn(as long as it is Sunny). Give it any attacks you think are good.


This can work on any Pokemon that can learn Endure. I just chose Ninetales & Groudon because of the instant sun. So if you choose a non-Drought Pokemon, setup sun beforehand.
Try using a Pokemon with low overall bulk. Groudon might not work too well because of his natural bulk, but hey.

answered Jul 6, 2012 by 5th of November
edited Aug 29, 2012 by Pokemaster
I like that Ninetales has Flash Fire :P
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Good for stealing other teams advantages

1.Have a pokemon that has skill swap
2.You just so happened to run into a rain/hail/sand storm/sun team
3.wait until he switches some of his pokemon that can gain stats in certain weathers like swift swim/sand rush/snow cloak/solar power
4.use skill swap and BAM!! you ended up getting the advantage

The chances of success are very low but higher in certain tiers like NU

NOTE:make sure the pokemon with skill swap can take some hit just in case their pokemon is faster than you and can hit hard

answered Jul 8, 2012 by A Very Nice Guy
3 votes

The cruel Thief + Fling. Steal an item, then chuck it at them!

answered Jul 23, 2012 by XtremeKiller
+1 for comedy value, even though it's probably not that effective in battle.
Lol Amazing  combo!
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Swagger + Mean Look/Spider Web + Screech.

Galvantula Watchog Umbreon and Smeargle can use this combo

answered Sep 14, 2011 by Fanny Pack 101
edited Sep 14, 2011 by Fanny Pack 101
Umbreon can
Thanks I'll edit it right now.
plenty of others as well.
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Focus Sash + Cotton Spore + Destiny Bond

the same as the last one, get a decently speedy pokemon ( i use cacturne ) but still slow, use cotton spore, and now your opponent is slower than you. So you can use destiny bond before they faint you.

answered Sep 15, 2011 by With Extra BBQ
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Use Mean look or a Shadow Tag ability pokemon
then use perish song
then switch
use a move that attacks on the second turn like fly, dig ,ext. or use a double protect or detect,or fake out
do this till the other pokemon faints 3 turns after perish song
repeat the step

  Hope this helps :)
answered Sep 24, 2011 by oshawott
Mean Look/Shadow Tag wears off once you switch.
It'll work,the effects would wear off,but by the time they do,the opponent wouldn't be able to switch.
Wynaut, Wobuffet, gothitelle, and Chandelure are the only pokemon with the ability shadow tag, and I don't believe any of them can learn Perish song.
DT, there's still the possibility of Mean Look.
Yes, but that means your pokemon is gonna take about two hits before finishing then off, and your opponent probably would have switched to something better, so those attacks are likely super effective.
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Lopunny - Ability:Klutz - Move:Switcheroo - Works well with Burn\Toxic Orb.

Machamp -Ability:No Guard - Move:DynamicPunch - BIG Damage and a chance of confusing that won't miss!

Marowak,Golem,etc - Ability:Rock Head - Move - Double Edge - 120 Damage and NO recoil!

Double Battles.

Electrode,etc + Ghost-Type - Move: Explosion - 250 Damage and your Ghost-Type Ally won't get hurt!

Tyranitar,etc + Flying-Type - Move-Earthquake - Damage opponents BADLY but won't hurt your flying-type ally.

A Pokemon Team Strategy Example

Mr Mime,Pinsir,Glalie

As a Psychic-type,Mr Mime is weak against Dark-Types,that's why Pinsir is there,it's strong against Dark-types as it is a Bug-type,but Pinsir is weak to flying-types,so you send in Glalie as it is strong against flying-types.If your opponent switches to a fighting type to defeat your ice-type Glalie,you send in Mr Mime again.If you build a team this way,you'll be prepared for your opponents' weaknesses even as you guard your own.

answered Oct 6, 2011 by PokeGirl
For Machamp: A Choice Scarf would work BEAUTIFULLY!!!!
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I have my Musharna use Hypnosis, then Nightmare, and then just spam Dream Eater. It works, unless the opponent has Early Bird, Vital Spirit, Insomnia, etc.

answered Oct 7, 2011 by ShadowBuizel
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porygon-Z with discharge paired up with electivire, making electivire friggin fast physical sweeper.


skill swap
shadow ball
focus blast


ice beam
charge beam
Hp fire

you can use this set in a double battle against a shedinja
Gardevoir uses skill swap to give trace to Porygon-z, trace copies wonder guard, making porygon-Z unstoppable. Fighting is covered by Psychic from Gardervoir, focus blast for pkemon like Lucario or cobalion.

if Gardevoir gets Wonder guard, Porygon-Z is for coverage.

answered Nov 11, 2011 by Pwnyta
edited Feb 7, 2012 by Pwnyta
And the chances of facing a Shedinja are...?
this is if you are lucky. Even so, this is still a good combo
You can't trace Wonder Guard
Yes you can. you can also roleplay wonder guard
Okay, I was wrong, you can trace it. But you can't Role Play it.
2 votes


Encore forces the opposing Pokemon to be stuck with one move, and Disable disables it, forcing them to Struggle.

answered Nov 20, 2011 by Mewderator