Mold Breaker (ability)

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Mold Breaker prevents a target's ability from affecting moves that the Mold Breaker Pokémon uses. It only affects abilities that change the power, accuracy or other effects of moves.

For example, a Haxorus with Mold Breaker would be able to hit a Gengar (having Levitate) using a Ground type move like Earthquake. Ground type moves would still not affect Flying types.

However, if Dragon Claw KOs a Pokémon with Aftermath, a Mold Breaker Pokémon would still lose HP as Aftermath did not affect the Dragon Claw attack itself.

Abilities bypassed by Mold Breaker

Game descriptions

Moves can be used regardless of abilities.
Black 2/White 2
Moves can be used regardless of Abilities.
X/Y Moves can be used on the target regardless of its Abilities.

Pokémon with Mold Breaker

2nd ability
Hidden ability
127 Pinsir Hyper Cutter Moxie
130 Gyarados
Mega Gyarados
181 Ampharos
Mega Ampharos
408 Cranidos Sheer Force
409 Rampardos Sheer Force
610 Axew Rivalry Unnerve
611 Fraxure Rivalry Unnerve
612 Haxorus Rivalry Unnerve
674 Pancham Iron Fist Scrappy
675 Pangoro Iron Fist Scrappy

Mold Breaker as a hidden ability

Other abilities
529 Drilbur Sand Rush
Sand Force
530 Excadrill Sand Rush
Sand Force
538 Throh Inner Focus
539 Sawk Sturdy
Inner Focus
550 Basculin Rock Head
621 Druddigon Rough Skin
Sheer Force
701 Hawlucha Limber