Sheer Force (ability)

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Sheer Force increases the power of moves that have beneficial secondary effects by 30%, but removes those additional effects.

Beneficial effects are defined as those that are positive for the user, such as:

  • Causing a status condition on the opponent (e.g. Thunderbolt)
  • Reducing the opponent's stats (e.g. Crunch)
  • Increasing the user's stats (e.g. AncientPower)

Non-beneficial effects, that Sheer Force will not activate for, include:

For example, Flamethrower normally has a 10% chance to burn the opponent. With Sheer Force, Flamethrower's base power is boosted from 95 to 124, but it will never cause a burn.

Note that if a move has an advantageous and disadvantageous side-effect, Sheer Force still boosts the move but only the advantageous effect is removed. For example, Flare Blitz may cause a burn but also has recoil damage. A Pokemon with Sheer Force using the move would gain the power increase and still receive recoil damage, but it would never cause a burn.

If the user is holding a Life Orb and uses an attack that activates Sheer Force, it will not receive the 10% damage from Life Orb, but it gets boosts from both Life Orb and Sheer Force (total of 69% base power increase).

Here are the 129 moves that increase in power under Sheer Force, listed alphabetically:

Acid Acid Spray Air Slash AncientPower
Astonish Aurora Beam Bite Blaze Kick
Blizzard Blue Flare Body Slam Bolt Strike
Bone Club Bounce Bubble BubbleBeam
Bug Buzz Bulldoze Charge Beam Chatter
Confusion Constrict Cross Poison Crunch
Crush Claw Dark Pulse Discharge Dizzy Punch
Dragon Rush DragonBreath DynamicPunch Earth Power
Electroweb Ember Energy Ball Extrasensory
Fake Out Fiery Dance Fire Blast Fire Fang
Fire Punch Flame Charge Flame Wheel Flamethrower
Flare Blitz Flash Cannon Focus Blast Force Palm
Freeze Shock Glaciate Gunk Shot Headbutt
Heart Stamp Heat Wave Hurricane Hyper Fang
Ice Beam Ice Burn Ice Fang Ice Punch
Icicle Crash Icy Wind Inferno Iron Head
Iron Tail Lava Plume Leaf Tornado Lick
Low Sweep Luster Purge Metal Claw Meteor Mash
Mirror Shot Mist Ball Mud Bomb Mud Shot
Mud-Slap Muddy Water Needle Arm Night Daze
Octazooka Ominous Wind Poison Fang Poison Jab
Poison Sting Poison Tail Powder Snow Psybeam
Psychic Razor Shell Relic Song Rock Climb
Rock Slide Rock Smash Rock Tomb Rolling Kick
Sacred Fire Scald Searing Shot Secret Power
Seed Flare Shadow Ball Signal Beam Silver Wind
Sky Attack Sludge Sludge Bomb Sludge Wave
Smog Snarl Snore Spark
Steamroller Steel Wing Stomp Struggle Bug
Thunder Thunder Fang Thunderbolt ThunderPunch
ThunderShock Tri Attack Twineedle Twister
Volt Tackle Water Pulse Waterfall Zap Cannon
Zen Headbutt

Game descriptions

Generation 5 Removes added effects to increase move damage.
Generation 6 Removes additional effects to increase move damage.