Dancer (ability)

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When another Pokémon on the field uses any Dance move, Dancer causes the ability-bearer to use that same move immediately afterward. They will still use their own move originally selected, at the usual time (e.g. after the opponent if they are slower).

Effects and status conditions apply for both the copied move and original move. For example if the Dancer Pokémon is confused, they may hurt themselves in confusion when using their move and when copying a Dance move.

The moves that Dancer can copy are:

Game descriptions

Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon
When another Pokémon uses a dance move, it can use a dance move following it regardless of its Speed.

Pokémon with Dancer

2nd ability
Hidden ability
Oricorio (Baile Style) 741 Oricorio
Baile Style
Oricorio (Pom-Pom Style) 741 Oricorio
Pom-Pom Style
Oricorio (Pa'u Style) 741 Oricorio
Pa'u Style
Oricorio (Sensu Style) 741 Oricorio
Sensu Style

Dancer as a hidden ability

No Pokémon have Dancer as a hidden ability.